Here are the helpful hints and rules for editing this site.

# This is a JSPWiki and we will be using their [text formatting rules|], [styles|] and [plug-ins|]. We can create our own styles and plugins as necessary.
# Page names will be the full names of the object, as inconvenient as that may seem. As an example, the page for "[Harine din Togara Two Winds]" will be that, and not "Harine". However, we can create page aliases to help deal with that. We can create a "[Harine]" page which will be a [page alias|] for the page with the full name and then other pages can link to Harine by using the page alias. There are some exceptions, such as chapter pages, which look like [TEotW,Ch1].
# Try to keep page content to one screen, minimizing vertical scrolling. To do this, consider using [%%columns|], and [tabbed sections|]. If after that, the page contents go much longer, consider breaking that page up into multiple pages.
# Try to avoid displaying spoilers by using [%%collapse|] with ordered lists and [%%collapsebox-closed|] for sections. Also, names these things by ending them with " (Possible Spoilers)".
# In general, sections headings should just use one exclamation point. The only reason to use more is to group multiple sections into one larger section.
# If two objects have the same name, then we'll append some sort of disambiguation text to each page name. As an example, we have [Jarra (Village)] and [Jarra (Sept)]. We will also create a "[disambiguation page|Category Disambiguation|Category.Disambiguation]" that allows a person to select which object to pick. An example is [Jarra].
# For the Old Tongue, we are using a custom style instead of just italics. Please use "~%~%ot " then the word or phrase and then "~%~%", as in ~%~%ot [saidin|Said]~%~%. Note that there is a space after "ot ".
# Categories are important. If the new page you are working on is part of one of the [WikiCategories|WikiCategory], then please add that to the bottom of the page. Use another page as an example of how to do that.