A [Shaido] [Aiel] man. 

! Physical Description

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* Gharadin is taken as %%ot [gai'shain|Aiel]%% by [Rand|Rand alThor]'s [Aiel] at [Dumai's Wells|Dumais Wells]. ([ACoS,Ch1])
* The [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] and [Wise Ones|Aiel] who accompany [Perrin|Perrin Aybara] to [Ghealdan] bring along %%ot [gai'shain|Aiel]%% including Gharadin. ([ACoS,Ch27])

! Other References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [The Path of Daggers]
## [TPoD,Ch9] - The [Wise Ones|Aiel] tell [Seonid|Seonid Traighan] to ask permission to [Heal|Weaves] a wound on Gharadin's face.
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