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! __Rand__ POV

[Rand|Rand alThor] is in a foul mood the rest of the afternoon. He hassles [Berelain|Berelain sur Paendrag] and [Rhuarc] about small items. He shouts at [Idrien Tarsin] because [Herid Fel] wandered off. He shouts at various nobles, [Meilan|Meilan Mendiana], [Maringil], [Colavaere|Colavaere Saighan] and [Anaiyella|Anaiyella Narencelona]. He even shouts at [Amys], [Bair] and [Sorilea]. His bad mood is mostly due to knowing now that [Lews Therin|Lews Therin Telamon] is real and living in his head.[1] That night he has bad dreams about running. The next morning he realizes that the dreams of running were really about him running away from [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] and [Aviendha]. He decides he will run no more. [Harilin] and [Chiarid] stand guard outside his rooms. 

As [Rand|Rand alThor] walks to his [Traveling|Weaves] chamber [Nandera] and other [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] catch up. [Black Eyes] and [Mayeners|Mayene] guard the entrance. Just as he opens a gateway to the [Royal Palace] a messenger from [Berelain|Berelain sur Paendrag] arrives. She gives [Rand|Rand alThor] a letter and says it is from the [Sea Folk]. As he emerges back in [Caemlyn] he feels [Alanna|Alanna Mosvani] nearby and that she is already awake. She has been crying. He wonders if [Thom Merrilin] knows anything about the [Warder|Warder] bond. Making a light with [Fire|One Power] and [Air|One Power], he goes to his chambers where [Nandera] dismisses the rest of the [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] except for [Jalani]. Even though they are quiet [Aviendha] wakes and is clearly angry. [Lews Therin|Lews Therin Telamon] returns and addresses [Rand|Rand alThor] directly for the first time. [Rand|Rand alThor] tells him that he is in his head and [Lews Therin|Lews Therin Telamon] flees screaming.[1] [Aviendha] tells him that he has %%ot [toh|Aiel]%% toward her for leaving without her. Over [Rand|Rand alThor]'s objections [Nandera] and [Jalani] promise to keep her informed about where he is. [Reene Harfor] arrives with news from [Bashere|Davram Bashere]. Several nobles are gathering in [Caemlyn]. Lady [Aemlyn|Aemlyn Carand] and Lord [Culhan|Culhan Carand] are staying with Lord [Pelivar|Pelivar Coelan]. Lady [Arathelle|Arathelle Renshar], Lord [Barel|Barel Layden], Lord [Macharan], Lady [Sergase|Sergase Gilbearn] and Lady [Negara] arrived separately. They are all nobles who opposed "[Gaebril|Rahvin]." [Aemlyn|Aemlyn Carand] and [Culhan|Culhan Carand] are almost as powerful as [Pelivar|Pelivar Coelan]. [Arathelle|Arathelle Renshar] is more powerful than any save [Luan|Luan Norwelyn] and [Dyelin|Dyelin Taravin]. [Reene Harfor] also gives him a letter from the [Wavemistress|Sea Folk] who is angry about being stood up. [Rand|Rand alThor] compares the two letters. They are both addressed to the [Coramoor|Jendai Prophecies] and have a seal, two things like flattened bowls with a thick, ornate line running from one through the other.[2] Both letters are caustic requests for an audience, one from [Zaida din Parede Blackwing] of Clan [Catelar|Sea Folk], and the other from [Harine din Togara Two Winds] of Clan [Shodein|Sea Folk]. 

A servant comes in with yet another letter. It is [Sulin] in dress! [Sulin] delivers the letter then runs out. [Nandera] and [Jalani] explain that she is meeting her %%ot [toh|Aiel]%% and [Rand|Rand alThor] recalls the incident just before the trip to [Shadar Logoth|Aridhol (City)] when she spoke to %%ot [gai'shain|Aiel]%% as a [Maiden|Maidens of the Spear]. [Rand|Rand alThor] asks ignorant questions about %%ot [ji'e'toh|Aiel]%% that clearly embarrass [Aviendha]. [Rand|Rand alThor] opens the third letter. It is from [Alliandre Maritha Kigarin]. In subtle terms she offers goodwill to him but expresses fear of the [Prophet|Masema Dagar] and the [Whitecloaks|Children of the Light]. [Rand|Rand alThor] thinks that he must do something about [Masema|Masema Dagar].[3] 

A door opens and [Rand|Rand alThor] has a sense of filth. With difficulty, [Rand|Rand alThor] realizes there is a [Gray Man]. As he wraps the [Gray Man] in [Air|One Power] there is a blast of fire from the balcony. [Taim|Mazrim Taim] walks in and looks at the [Gray Man] with a hole burned through him. [Taim|Mazrim Taim] seems unconcerned about the [Gray Man]. He came to tell [Rand|Rand alThor] about a new recruit, [Jahar Narishma]. [Lews Therin|Lews Therin Telamon] mutters that he wants to kill him. [Rand|Rand alThor] thinks [Sammael] sent the [Gray Man].[4] [Rand|Rand alThor] and [Taim|Mazrim Taim] talk a bit about [Sammael]'s defenses, the [Rand|Rand alThor] sends [Taim|Mazrim Taim] back to the farm. [Nandera] and [Jalani] leave. [Aviendha] lectures him on %%ot [ji'e'toh|Aiel]%% then she leaves, too. Some %%ot [gai'shain|Aiel]%% come to take away the [Gray Man].
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! __Padan Fain__ POV

[Fain|Padan Fain] and his pet [Fade] are staying with [Darkfriends], [Nan Belman] and her son [Perwyn Belman]. His bond to [Rand|Rand alThor] feels different lately, as though someone else has part of it.[5] The [Whitecloaks|Children of the Light] and the [White Tower] are set against [Rand|Rand alThor] since he touched [Niall|Pedron Niall] and [Elaida|Elaida do Avriny aRoihan]. [Perwyn Belman] enters followed by his mother. He reports that [Rand|Rand alThor] was attacked this morning. [Fain|Padan Fain] realizes this must be a [Gray Man] which means one of the [Forsaken]. [Fain|Padan Fain] is furious because he wants [Rand|Rand alThor] for himself. Channeling his anger, he touches [Perwyn Belman] turning him into a gibbering idiot. [Fain|Padan Fain] ponders how he can hurt [Rand|Rand alThor]. He has growing powers, some from [Shadar Logoth|Aridhol (City)] and some from [Dark One|ShaiTan], but he needs to touch his victims. He knows of the [Aes Sedai] and [Two Rivers] girls at [Culain's Hound|Culains Hound], but they are not important enough. He sent the [Whitecloaks|Children of the Light] after [Rand|Rand alThor],[6] but that was only a test. His only assets are his [Fade], a few [Whitecloaks|Children of the Light], a few [Trollocs] outside the city and a few [Darkfriends] in [Caemlyn] and coming from [Tar Valon]. He can now sense even casual [Darkfriends]. To clear his mind he takes [Nan Belman] aside for some fun. He cannot understand why she struggles so.
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! Notes (Possible Spoilers)

[#1] Is the spirit of [Lews Therin|Lews Therin Telamon] really revived in [Rand|Rand alThor]'s head or is it just his memories with the voice being a symptom of madness? See the discussion in the [FAQ, Section 2.1.6|http://www.steelypips.org/wotfaq/node/78.html].
\\[#2] This is the only time this sign is mentioned. Is there any significance to it?
\\[#3] He takes action in [ACoS,Ch27].
\\[#4] Who really sent the [Gray Man]? Did [Taim|Mazrim Taim] really come to [Caemlyn] just to tell [Rand|Rand alThor] about [Narishma|Jahar Narishma]? See the discussion in the [FAQ, Section 1.5.6|WoTFAQ:node/67.html].
\\[#5]  [Alanna|Alanna Mosvani]'s bond to [Rand|Rand alThor].
\\[#6] The attack in [LoC,Ch26].
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