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Welcome to the Encyclopaedia WoT, your who, what, where and when guide to the Wheel of Time.

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|(text-align:center;) [{Image src='Main/blue info icon.png' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Wheel of Time Introduction' width='40' align='center'}] [Wheel of Time Intro|Wheel of Time Introduction]



| [{Image src='Main/teotw.jpg' width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The Eye of the World' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/tgh.jpg'   width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The Great Hunt' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/tdr.jpg'   width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The Dragon Reborn' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/tsr.jpg'   width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The Shadow Rising' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/tfoh.jpg'  width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The  Fires of Heaven' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/loc.jpg'   width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Lord of Chaos' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/acos.jpg'  width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=A Crown of Swords' align='center'}] 

| [{Image src='Main/tpod.jpg' width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The Path of Daggers' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/wh.jpg'   width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Winters Heart' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/cot.jpg'  width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Crossroads of Twilight' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/kod.jpg'  width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Knife of Dreams' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/tgs.jpg'  width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=The Gathering Storm' align='center'}]  
| [{Image src='Main/tom.jpg'  width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Towers of Midnight' align='center'}]  
| [{Image src='Main/amol.jpg' width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=A Memory of Light' align='center'}] 

| [{Image src='Main/new_spring.jpg' width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=New Spring' align='center'}] 
| [{Image src='https://img.youtube.com/vi/UIMkfP4JsxU/hqdefault.jpg' width='100' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Winespring Inn Clip Breakdown' align='center'}] %%center
Winespring Inn %% 
| [{Image src='Official Trailer Plus Breakdown/Official WoT Trailer.jpg' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Official Trailer Plus Breakdown' width='100' align='center'}] %%center
 Official Trailer %% 
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Amazon Prime Show%%