An apprentice [Windfinder|Sea Folk] of the [Sea Folk]. 

! Physical Description

She has big eyes. ([TPoD,Ch2]) She is plump but solid. ([TPoD,Ch5]) 

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* Twenty [Windfinders|Sea Folk] including Metarra accompany [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] and [Lan|al'Lan Mandragoran] to the [Tarasin Palace]. ([ACoS,Ch37])
* With [Mat|Matrim Cauthon]'s %%ot [ta'veren|Wheel of Time]%% influence [Renaile|Renaile din Calon Blue Star] agrees that the [Windfinders|Sea Folk] will accompany [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] and [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] anywhere they chose to use the [Bowl of the Winds]. ([ACoS,Ch39])
* At the [Tarasin Palace] stableyard, Metarra and the other [Windfinders|Sea Folk] ride through [Aviendha]'s gateway to the [farm|Farm]. ([TPoD,Ch1])
* Metarra and the other [Windfinders|Sea Folk] ride from the gateway to the [farm|Farm]. ([TPoD,Ch3])
* [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] [Heals|Weaves#h] Metarra and the other [Windfinders|Sea Folk] of their riding bruises. ([TPoD,Ch4])
* Metarra participates in the circle that uses the [Bowl of the Winds] to fix the weather. ([TPoD,Ch5])
* Metarra and the other [Windfinders|Sea Folk] [Travel|Weaves#t] with [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] to [Andor] when the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] attack the [farm|Farm]. ([TPoD,Ch6])
* Metarra and the other [Windfinders|Sea Folk] travel across [Andor] with [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] toward [Caemlyn]. ([TPoD,Ch20])
* Metarra and the other [Windfinders|Sea Folk] travel with [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] to the [Royal Palace] in [Caemlyn]. ([TPoD,Ch28])
* The [Sea Folk] are in an uproar when one of the apprentice [Windfinders|Sea Folk] leaves with [Merilille|Merilille Ceandevin]. ([CoT,Ch14])
* [Zaida|Zaida din Parede Blackwing] leaves for [Illian|Illian (City)] accompanied by twelve [Windfinders|Sea Folk] including the other apprentice. ([CoT,Ch15])

! Other References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [The Path of Daggers]
## [TPoD,Ch2] - [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] notes that Metarra is as strong a [channeler|True Source] as herself.
# In [Crossroads of Twilight]
## [CoT,Ch12] - When [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] negotiates with [Zaida|Zaida din Parede Blackwing] to leave some [Windfinders|Sea Folk] in [Caemlyn], [Zaida|Zaida din Parede Blackwing] refuses to yield on the apprentices, Metarra and [Talaan din Gelyn|Talaan din Gelyn], and the [Windfinders|Sea Folk] to [Wavemistresses|Sea Folk], [Caire|Caire din Gelyn Running Wave], [Dorile|Dorile din Eiran Long Feather], [Shielyn|Shielyn din Sabura Night Waters] and [Tebreille|Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind].

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