Pronunciation: MEW-ran-dee

A country in the [Westlands|Geography].

! Location

To the north is [Andor], to the east is [Far Madding], to the south is [Illian|Illian (Country)] and to the west is the [Manetherendrelle River]. [Lugard] is the capital city.

! Ruling Body

Murandy is a monarchy ruled by a king or queen. The current ruler is King [Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a'Naloy|Roedran Analoy] but he only has weak control of the country. [Katrine do Catalan a'Coralle] was the first Queen of Murandy.

! Towns/Cities

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! Regions

* [Knoks]

! References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [New Spring]
## [NS,Ch5] - [Katrine do Catalan a'Coralle] was the first Queen of Murandy.
## [NS,Ch18] - [Aisha Raveneos] and her [Warder|Warder] were supposedly killed by bandits in Murandy.
# In [The Great Hunt]
## [TGH,Ch4] - There is another [false Dragon] in Murandy, but he cannot [channel|True Source] and has already been captured.
# In [The Dragon Reborn]
## [TDR,Ch36] - [Rand] is in the hills of Murandy going cross country.
## [TDR,Ch42] - Despite talk of war with [Tear|Tear (Country)] rumor in [Illian|Illian (Country)] has the army looking north to Murandy.
# In [The Shadow Rising]
## [TSR,Ch33] - Lord [Luc|Luc Mantear] claims to be from Murandy.
# In [The Fires of Heaven]
## [TFoH,Prologue] - [Danelle] reports to [Elaida] and her Council that [Pedron Niall] is conducting negotiations trying to get [Altara] and Murandy to cede land to [Illian|Illian (Country)].
## [TFoH,Ch11] - Murandy is a monarchy ruled by a king or queen.
## [TFoH,Ch11] - [Lugard] is the seat of government for Murandy, but in fact King [Roedran|Roedran Analoy] has little real power.
## [TFoH,Ch12] - [Siuan] ordered [Gareth Bryne] to pull his troops back from a border dispute between [Andor] and Murandy.
## [TFoH,Ch15] - [Pedron Niall] claims credit for resolving a dispute between Murandy and [Illian|Illian (Country)].
## [TFoH,Ch28] - The [White Tower] hoped to unite Murandy under a noble named [Dulain], but he was killed.
# In [Lord of Chaos]
## [LoC,Prologue] - [Pedron Niall] sends [Jaichim Carridin] to [Altara] to stir up trouble in [Altara] and Murandy.
## [LoC,Ch9] - [Pedron Niall] gets a report that [Carridin|Jaichim Carridin] is doing well causing trouble in [Altara] and Murandy.
## [LoC,Ch22] - [Mat] and the [Band of the Red Hand] hear rumors of [Dragonsworn] in Murandy.
## [LoC,Ch41] - [Merana Ambrey] is angry at the work of the [Dragonsworn] in Murandy.
# In [A Crown of Swords]
## [ACoS,Prologue] - [Elaida] is from north Murandy.
## [ACoS,Ch7] - [Mat] has reports of [Mat]'s army in Murandy or [Altara].
## [ACoS,Ch11] - [Egwene] and [Salidar Aes Sedai] are in Murandy at the end of the [Cumbar Hills] south of [Lugard].
## [ACoS,Ch15] - [Pedron Niall] ordered [Carridin|Jaichim Carridin] to cause turmoil in [Altara] and Murandy so the [Whitecloaks] could come in and save the day.
# In [The Path of Daggers]
## [TPoD,Ch18] - King [Roedran|Roedran Analoy] hires [Talmanes Delovinde] and the [Band of the Red Hand] to stay in Murandy to help him consolidate the kingdom.
# In [Winter's Heart|Winters Heart]
## [WH,Ch27] - [Elayne] implies to the [Borderlands] rulers that [Rand] is in Murandy.
## [WH,Ch31] - [Tylin] and [Suroth] hastily return to [Ebou Dar] when [Suroth] learns that an army disappeared in Murandy.
## [WH,Ch32] - While [Rand] listens in [The Golden Wheel], a [Far Madding] trader tries to convince Master [Azereos] that [Roedran|Roedran Analoy] building his army has Murandy too unsettled for him to move his trade to [Lugard].
# In [Crossroads of Twilight]
## [CoT,Prologue] - The [Whitecloaks] in [Amadicia] hear rumors of an [Andoran|Andor] army in Murandy.
## [CoT,Ch10] - The lands of [Andoran|Andor] House [Matherin|Andor] are near the Murandy border.
## [CoT,Ch13] - At the age of fifteen, [Dyelin Taravin] successfully led her House against raiders from [Altara] and Murandy.
## [CoT,Ch14] - Lord [Pelivar|Pelivar Coelan], Lady [Arathelle|Arathelle Renshar] and Lady [Aemlyn|Aemlyn Carand] leave Murandy and move back into [Andor].
## [CoT,Ch22] - In Murandy, [Tarna Feir] encounters a party of [Asha'man] recruiting.
## [CoT,Ch29] - The [Damona Mountains] line the border between [Altara] and Murandy.
# In [Knife of Dreams]
## [KoD,Ch11] - While their main push is toward [Illian|Illian (Country)], the [Seanchan (People)] have a full army on the Murandy border to prevent attack from Murandy or [Andor].
## [KoD,Ch20] - Coins in [Altara] and Murandy are lighter than those of other nations.
## [KoD,Ch25] - After finishing their commission with King [Roedran Analoy] of Murandy, [Talmanes Delovinde] sent half of the [Band of the Red Hand] north into [Andor] and took the rest into [Altara] to look for [Mat].
## [KoD,Ch27] - The next major push for the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] is to retake [Illian|Illian (Country)]. They have an army stationed in the [Molvaine Gap|Damona Mountains] to avert attack from Murandy or [Andor].
# In [The Gathering Storm]
## [TGS,Ch20] - There are foothills northeast of the [Damona Mountains] in central Murandy with peaks such as Blinder's Peak, Favlend Mountain and Mount Sardlen.

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