New Spring Comic

New Spring: The Novel has been adapted to comic book format by Dabel Brothers Production with scripts by Robert Jordan and comic book veteran Chuck Dixon. The first issues were inked by Mike S. Miller and other artists contributed to complete the series. The complete set of eight comics has also been published as a graphic novel.

Preview Issue
The preview issue includes planning artwork for the comic series. Only 1500 copies of this issue were produced and it is out of print. Fifty of them were numbered and signed by Robert Jordan and artist Mike S. Miller.
Issue 1 - The Hook
The first issue covers New Spring chapters 1 and 2.
While a savage battle rages among men, the Dark One once again casts a wicked shadow over the land. It has long been written that the coming of the Dragon will mark either the destruction of the world or its deliverance from the menacing grips of the Dark One. When dying words of a sage foretell the birth of a male child who is destined to become the Dragon Reborn, a frantic search ensues for the child, so that he may be saved to fulfill his destiny and oppose the Dark One in an ultimate Last Battle. However, followers of the Dark One also know the prophecy and a desperate race ensues with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance.
Issue 2 - Practice
The second issue covers New Spring chapters 3 to 5.
The epic battle of the Blood Snow has ended, and the Amyrlin has called upon two young acolytes of the White Tower to leave the protection of Tar Valon to search the battlefield for a newborn babe. They go forth under the pretense of giving aid, but Moiraine and Siuan know that they are searching for no less than the Dragon Reborn....and they are not alone in the hunt.
Issue 3 - Shreds of Serenity
The third issue covers New Spring chapters 6 to 8.
The hunt for the Dragon Reborn continues, but Moiraine finds herself cut off from her quest at every turn. The Aes Sedai removing her from the search, even the deaths within her own family, do not impede her drive to find the child in time to save him. With the companionship of her closest ally, Siuan, the search continues for he who will both save the world, and destroy it. Her task is compounded by her approaching ordeal: the test to become a full sister within the organization of Aes Sedai. There has never been more to lose, and everything hangs in the balance.
Issue 4 - It Begins
The fourth issue covers New Spring chapters 9 to 11.
The Dragon Reborn has again come into the world. Moiraine has been charged to seek out and protect the infant before he is found by others who would destroy him and change the fate of the world forever. But before Moiraine can embark upon her quest, she must complete her journey towards becoming an Aes Sedai. For the sake of the world, she submits to a series of perilous tests to prove herself worthy of joining the elusive and powerful order, facing her greatest fears and ready to cheat death itself.
Issue 5 - Business in the City
The fifth issue covers New Spring chapters 12 to 14.
Moiraine Sedai scours a war-torn land in a desperate race to find the newborn child who has been prophesied to be The Dragon Reborn before the forces of darkness can destroy him. Along the road her path crosses with al'Lan Mandragoran, a king without a country and a man with only a sword to his name. He is destined to join in her search...and change her life forever.
Issue 6 - The Deeps
The sixth issue covers New Spring chapters 15 to 18.
Al'Lan Mandragoran, uncrowned king of the lost nation Malkier, makes his way to the city of Chachin. He is chasing a rumor that Lady Edeyn, a woman from his past, intends to lead a crusade of warriors in an effort to reclaim his lost country from the Blight. Unexpectedly, his journey will lead him to Moiraine who is on a crusade of her own—a secret and desperate search for a child born of prophecy. The Dragon has been reborn in the world and the fate of all will rest on the shoulders of those who find him.
Issue 7 - Some Tricks of the Power
The seventh issue covers New Spring chapters 19 to 22
Issue 8 - When to Surrender
The eighth and final issue covers New Spring chapter 23 through the Epilogue.
New Spring: The Graphic Novel
The graphic novel with all eight comics including bonus material.