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| [{Image src='Main/new_spring.jpg'}] | ''__New Spring__''   is a fantasy novel by American author [Robert Jordan|Wikipedia:Robert_Jordan] , a prequel in the ''Wheel of Time'' series. ''New Spring'' consists of 26 chapters and an  [epilogue|Wikipedia:Epilogue].\\ "New Spring" was originally published as a novella in the  [speculative fiction|Wikipedia:Speculative_fiction]  anthology edited by  [Robert Silverberg|Wikipedia:Robert_Silverberg]  entitled ''Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy''. Published by  [Tor Books|Wikipedia:Tor_Books] , this anthology was released on 15 September 1999, between the 1998 publication of ''The Path of Daggers'' (Book 8 of ''The Wheel of Time'') and 2000 publication of ''Winter's Heart'' (Book 9).\\Robert Jordan later expanded the novella into a standalone novel (though of significantly shorter length than typical ''Wheel of Time'' books), which was then published by Tor Books in January 2004, between the 2003 publication of ''Crossroads of Twilight'' (Book 10) and the 2005 publication of ''Knife of Dreams'' (Book 11). ([Wikipedia|Wikipedia:New_Spring])


! Chapters


| %%columns
* [New Spring: The Novella|NS,Novella]
# [The Hook|NS,Ch1]
# [A Wish Fulfilled|NS,Ch2]
# [Practice|NS,Ch3]
# [Leaving the Tower|NS,Ch4]
# [The Human Heart|NS,Ch5]
# [Surprises|NS,Ch6]
# [The Itch|NS,Ch7]
# [Shreds of Serenity|NS,Ch8]
# [It Begins|NS,Ch9]
# [It Finishes|NS,Ch10]
# [Just Before Dawn|NS,Ch11]
# [Entering Home|NS,Ch12]
# [Business in the City|NS,Ch13]
# [Changes|NS,Ch14]
# [Into Canluum|NS,Ch15]
# [The Deeps|NS,Ch16]
# [An Arrival|NS,Ch17]
# [A Narrow Passage|NS,Ch18]
# [Pond Water|NS,Ch19]
# [Breakfast in Manala|NS,Ch20]
# [Some Tricks of the Power|NS,Ch21]
# [Keeping Custom|NS,Ch22]
# [The Evening Star|NS,Ch23]
# [Making Use of Invisibility|NS,Ch24]
# [An Answer|NS,Ch25]
# [When to Surrender|NS,Ch26]
* [EPILOGUE|NS,Epilogue]

! Icons

This is a list of the [{ReferringPagesPlugin page='Category.NS Chapter Icons' show='count'}] [chapter icons|Chapter Icons] used in this book.

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! Plot Threads

[{ImageMapPlus image='ns_threads.gif'


The numbers represent the chapters.

| __%%(color:blue; background-color:#D3D3D3)Blue%%__ | [Lan]
| __%%(color:red; background-color:#D3D3D3)Red%%__   | [Moiraine]


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