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! __Rand__ POV

[Rand|Rand alThor], [Loial], [Hurin] and [Selene|Lanfear] enter [The Nine Rings] inn. There are several [Cairhienin|Cairhien (Country)] soldiers and an officer. The innkeeper, [Maglin Madwen], is originally from [Lugard]. Her husband, [Barin|Barin Madwen], left her the inn. She asks if [Loial] is from [Stedding Tsofu]. She asks if they are [Hunters of the Horn|Horn of Valere] because there have been two in the last month at the inn. She notes that it is too soon for them to have come from [Illian|Illian (City)], so they may be hunting without the blessing. [Catrine], a serving girl, brings them a meal. Mistress Madwen notes the flute and [Rand|Rand alThor] offers to play. With one of the tunes, the soldiers sing a song about defeating the [Tairens|Tear (Country)] at the [Iralell River]. The officer comes over and introduces himself as Captain [Aldrin Caldevwin]. He is suspicious and quizzes [Rand|Rand alThor], asking him about [Gareth Bryne] to determine if he is really [Andoran|Andor]. He then asks [Selene|Lanfear]'s name. Just after he asks, [Catrine] drops a lamp causing a small fire.[1] [Selene|Lanfear] says she is not feeling well and wants to go to her room. [Maglin Madwen] offers to summon Mother [Caredwain], a healer. Another serving girl, [Lidan], carries [Selene|Lanfear]'s things upstairs. [Rand|Rand alThor] asks [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] about the [giant statue|Choedan Kal] making him even more suspicious. [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] is in charge of the excavation party. He says King [Galldrian|Galldrian su Riatin Rie] ordered the excavation of the [giant statue|Choedan Kal] so it could be brought to [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)].[2] When [Rand|Rand alThor] says they are leaving in the morning, [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] says he will send a company of men to escort them to the city of [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)]. After they go to their room, [Hurin] and [Loial] explain that [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] is suspicious because of %%ot [Daes Dae'mar|Compleat]%%, the Great Game or Game of Houses.

The next morning [Selene|Lanfear] is gone, having left a message for [Rand|Rand alThor] with a crescent moon and stars seal.[3] She does not like [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin]. There are too many people around so she will go ahead and wait in [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)]. They go outside where [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] is waiting with a younger officer, Lieutenant [Elricain Tavolin], and fifty men. [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin]'s banner is a white star. [Tavolin|Elricain Tavolin]'s banner is two white bars crossed. [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] is angry that [Selene|Lanfear] slipped away without him knowing. [Caldevwin|Aldrin Caldevwin] leaves and the rest depart for [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)].
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! Notes (Possible Spoilers)

[#1] Clearly [Lanfear] caused the accident to avoid answering. Why?\\
[#2] Was this his own doing or is he a [Darkfriend|Darkfriends]?\\
[#3] [Lanfear]'s sigil.\\
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