Pronunciation: TAH-rihn-gail DAH-moh-drehd 
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Son of [Dalresin Damodred], nephew of [Laman Damodred] and half-brother of [Moiraine Damodred]. He married [Tigraine|Tigraine Mantear] and had a son, [Galad|Galad Damodred]. After [Tigraine|Tigraine Mantear]'s disappearance and [Mordrellen Mantear]'s death, he married [Morgase Trakand] and fathered [Gawyn|Gawyn Trakand] and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]. He was assassinated in 984 NE. His sign was a golden double-bitted battleaxe.

! Physical Description

His is tall and handsome and his hair has a slight wave to it. ([TGS,Ch30])

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* Circa 970 NE Taringail Damodred marries [Tigraine|Tigraine Mantear], the Daughter-Heir of [Andor], and fathers a son [Galad|Galad Damodred]. ([TEotW,Ch34])
* After the disappearance of [Tigraine|Tigraine Mantear] and the Succession, [Morgase|Morgase Trakand] marries Taringail to solidify her claim on the throne. She has two children by him, [Gawyn|Gawyn Trakand] and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]. ([TEotW,Ch34])
* Taringail warns his young son [Gawyn|Gawyn Trakand] against pretty women and [Aes Sedai]. ([TGS,Ch30])
* Taringail plots to become the first king of [Andor]. [Thom Merrilin] learns of the plot and Taringail dies in a "hunting accident". ([TSR,Ch17], [TFoH,Ch19])

! Other References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [New Spring]
## [NS,Ch6] - Following the death of King [Laman|Laman Damodred], Taringail is not eligible for the [Sun Throne|Sun Palace] as he is already married to the Queen of [Andor].
## [NS,Ch6] - [Moiraine|Moiraine Damodred] is Taringail's half-sister.
# In [The Eye of the World]
## [TEotW,Ch34] - [Almen Bunt] tells [Rand|Rand alThor] and [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] about Taringail.
# In [The Dragon Reborn]
## [TDR,Ch46] - [Gaebril|Rahvin] encourages [Morgase|Morgase Trakand] to use her marriage to Taringail Damodred to claim the [Sun Throne|Sun Palace].
# In [The Shadow Rising]
## [TSR,Ch17] - [Moiraine|Moiraine Damodred] was Taringail's youngest half-sister.
# In [The Fires of Heaven]
## [TFoH,Ch9] - When [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] hassles [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] about the way she treats [Thom|Thom Merrilin], she angrily retorts that her father was Taringail Damodred.
## [TFoH,Ch16] - [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] tells [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] that [Thom|Thom Merrilin] was [Morgase|Morgase Trakand]' lover after her father died.
## [TFoH,Ch19] - Recalling the men in her past, [Morgase|Morgase Trakand] thinks she married Taringail only because of his previous marriage to [Tigraine|Tigraine Mantear].
# In [Lord of Chaos]
## [LoC,Ch16] - Lady [Dyelin Taravin] tells [Rand|Rand alThor] the story of [Tigraine|Tigraine Mantear] disappearing leaving behind her husband, Taringail, and her infant son, [Galad|Galad Damodred]. [Rand|Rand alThor] realizes this as the story of [Shaiel|Tigraine Mantear], his true mother.
# In [Winter's Heart|Winters Heart]
## [WH,Ch9] - [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] intends to claim the [Sun Throne|Sun Palace] by right as the daughter of Taringail Damodred.
# In [The Gathering Storm]
## [TGS,Ch30] - At the rebel [Aes Sedai] camp, [Gawyn|Gawyn Trakand] remembers his father's warning against pretty women and [Aes Sedai].
# In [Towers of Midnight]
## [ToM,Ch21]  - [Morgase|Morgase Trakand] is stunned to learn that -Lord [Gaebril|Rahvin]- was actually [Rahvin|rahvin]. She thinks how she was used by men like Taringail and [Valda|Eamon Valda].
## [ToM,Ch44] - [Morgase|Morgase Trakand] learned from Taringail that marriage is dangerous so she never made [Thom|Thom Merrilin] or [Bryne|Gareth Bryne] her official consort. [Gaebril|Rahvin] reinforced the danger.
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