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| [{Image src='Chapter Icons/btar_lft.gif' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Knife of Dreams'}] 
| [{Image src='Main/tgs.jpg' width='100'}] 
| ''__The Gathering Storm__'' is a  [fantasy|Wikipedia:Fantasy_literature]  novel by American writers  [Robert Jordan|Wikipedia:Robert_Jordan]  and  [Brandon Sanderson|Wikipedia:Brandon_Sanderson] , the twelfth book in the series ''The Wheel of Time''.  It was incomplete when Jordan died on September 16, 2007, from  [cardiac amyloidosis|Wikipedia:Cardiac_amyloidosis] . His widow  [Harriet McDougal|Wikipedia:Harriet_McDougal]  and his publisher  [Tom Doherty|Wikipedia:Tom_Doherty]  chose  Sanderson to continue the book.\\
Jordan originally intended to finish the series in a single volume titled ''A Memory of Light''.
 However, when Sanderson began writing the book, it became clear that a single volume would be too large to print. The expected final book was split into three volumes: ''The Gathering Storm'', ''Towers of Midnight'', and ''A Memory of Light''. The books would be published a year apart with the first volume, ''The Gathering Storm'', published on October 27, 2009; a week earlier than originally announced. ([Wikipedia|https://en.wikipedia.org]) 
| [{Image src='Chapter Icons/btar_rgt.gif' link='Wiki.jsp?page=Towers of Midnight' align='right'}]


! Chapters

* [PROLOGUE: What the Storm Means|TGS,Prologue] 
# [Tears from Steel|TGS,Ch1]
# [The Nature of Pain|TGS,Ch2]
# [The Ways of Honor|TGS,Ch3]
# [Nightfall|TGS,Ch4]
# [A Tale of Blood|TGS,Ch5]
# [When Iron Melts|TGS,Ch6]
# [The Plan for Arad Doman|TGS,Ch7]
# [Clean Shirts|TGS,Ch8]
# [Leaving Malden|TGS,Ch9]
# [The Last of the Tabac|TGS,Ch10]
# [The Death of Adrin|TGS,Ch11]
# [Unexpected Encounters|TGS,Ch12]
# [An Offer and a Departure|TGS,Ch13]
# [A Box Opens|TGS,Ch14]
# [A Place to Begin|TGS,Ch15]
# [In the White Tower|TGS,Ch16]
# [Questions of Control|TGS,Ch17]
# [A Message in Haste|TGS,Ch18]
# [Gambits|TGS,Ch19] 
# [On a Broken Road|TGS,Ch20]
# [Embers and Ash|TGS,Ch21]
# [The Last That Could Be Done|TGS,Ch22]
# [A Warp in the Air|TGS,Ch23]
# [A New Commitment|TGS,Ch24]
# [In Darkness|TGS,Ch25]
# [A Crack in the Stone|TGS,Ch26]
# [The Tipsy Gelding|TGS,Ch27]
# [Night in Hinderstap|TGS,Ch28]
# [Into Bandar Eban|TGS,Ch29]
# [Old Advice|TGS,Ch30]
# [A Promise to Lews Therin|TGS,Ch31]
# [Rivers of Shadow|TGS,Ch32]
# [A Conversation with the Dragon|TGS,Ch33]
# [Legends|TGS,Ch34]
# [A Halo of Blackness|TGS,Ch35]
# [The Death of Tuon|TGS,Ch36]
# [A Force of Light|TGS,Ch37]
# [News in Tel'aran'rhiod|TGS,Ch38]
# [A Visit from Verin Sedai|TGS,Ch39]
# [The Tower Shakes|TGS,Ch40]
# [A Fount of Power|TGS,Ch41]
# [Before the Stone of Tear|TGS,Ch42]
# [Sealed to the Flame|TGS,Ch43]
# [Scents Unknown|TGS,Ch44]
# [The Tower Stands|TGS,Ch45]
# [To Be Forged Again|TGS,Ch46]
# [The One He Lost|TGS,Ch47]
# [Reading the ''Commentary''|TGS,Ch48]
# [Just Another Man|TGS,Ch49]
# [Veins of Gold|TGS,Ch50]
* [EPILOGUE: Bathed in Light|TGS,Epilogue]

! Icons

This is the list of the [{ReferringPagesPlugin page='Category.TGS Chapter Icons' show='count'}] [chapter icons|Chapter Icons] used in this book.

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! Plot Threads

[{ImageMapPlus image='tgs_threads.gif'


The numbers represent the chapters.

| __%%(color:red; background-color:#D3D3D3)Red%%__         | [Rodel Ituralde]
| __%%(color:blue; background-color:#D3D3D3)Blue%%__       | [Rand] and his followers
| __%%(color:magenta; background-color:#D3D3D3)Magenta%%__ | [Tuon] and the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)]
| __%%(color:brown; background-color:#D3D3D3)Brown%%__     | [Perrin], [Faile|Zarine Bashere] and their followers
| __%%(color:orange; background-color:#D3D3D3)Orange%%__   | [Mat] and the [Band of the Red Hand]
| __%%(color:green; background-color:#D3D3D3)Green%%__     | [Egwene], the [White Tower] and the rebels
| __%%(color:yellow; background-color:#D3D3D3)Yellow%%__   | [Gawyn|Gawyn Trakand]


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