AMoL: Advantages to a Bond

Androl POV#

Androl and Pevara wait in the storeroom for Emarin. Dobser is tied up and Welyn and Leems still unconscious and shielded. She tells him the story of her family killed by Darkfriends. He tells her that his father could channel and killed himself when he started to go mad. Emarin enters; he had another confrontation with Coteren. Androl thinks the men who have been Turned are really dead. Their bodies have new, evil souls. Emarin tricks Dobser with a story of taking him, Evin and others to start a rival Black Tower and he gives Dobser a sack of money. He says he pretended to follow Logain because Taim would be too suspicious of him. Dobser swallows the story and confirms that Taim now has Logain. Logain is taking a long time to Turn because of his strong will. Dobser tells them where Logain and the others are held in underground rooms. With the information in hand, Pevara ties up Dobser again. Androl says they will gather Nalaam, Canler, Evin and Jonneth then wait for Taim to finish with Logain and then rescue him.

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Rand POV#

Rand is in a dream after he and Aviendha fall asleep. It does not feel exactly like Tel'aran'rhiod so it must be a dreamshard. He set wards so he wonders how he was pulled in. He feels a presence and addresses the man as Elan. Elan addresses him as Lews Therin. He still wears his new body as Moridin. Moridin says he does not know how Rand is pulled into his dream. The Pattern pulls them together. Rand says he knows about Mierin. Moridin is furious that he knows and thinks she must have come to him. He has mixed emotions about Mierin, Lanfear, Selene. She tried to kill Egwene and Aviendha. Mierin being alive makes him hope for Moiraine. Moridin says her name is now Cyndane and that she hates Rand for what happened. Rand remembers Ishamael pulling him into dreams.[1] Rand understands that Moridin wants oblivion. Moridin continues to taunt Rand, but Rand says he is finished with Moridin. It is now between him and the Dark One. He exercises his will and sunlight comes through the clouds. Moridin thinks it is a trick like he used on Weiramon.[2] Rand exerts his will more. The clouds disappear and the ground blooms with growth. Moridin recoils in shock then disappears. Rand then lets the transformation go and returns to his body for sleep.

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Pevara POV#

Pevara and Androl approach the underground prison. She is afraid to channel because of the Black Ajah. There are two of Taim's Asha'man standing guard. Three ribbons of fire kill the guards and Nalaam, Emarin and Jonneth join them. Canler and the rest of the Two Rivers men stay behind. They follow running water looking for the entrance. Androl says he learned scouting in the Mountains of Mist. They find a tunnel and enter. They hear a voice ahead. A Two Rivers arrow from Jonneth takes out Coteren who was guarding a door. Beyond the door the find a series of cells and Logain is there. Androl examines him and he is not Turned yet. Androl suddenly feels powerful channeling. Logain is too weak to help. They hear voices past the door and one of them is Taim. They try to fight but a weave brings the earthen ceiling pouring down on them.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] All the dreams that he, Mat and Perrin had of Ba'alzamon early on.
[2] Rand really could sense that Weiramon and Anaiyella were Darkfriends but Moridin does not understand how that could be.