The Black Tower is located in a rural area near Caemlyn. Although it is just a reworked farm, it is the headquarters of the Asha'man, the organization of male channelers started by Rand and primarily trained by Mazrim Taim. It was named the Black Tower in contrast to the Aes Sedai's White Tower.

The Black Tower grows to a town with an ordinary-looking village in the middle but it is surrounded by a four square mile black wall. The inn is called The Great Gathering.

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Ch42 - Rand visits the farm and Taim informs him that the men now call it the Black Tower.
    2. LoC,Ch43 - Rand warns the Salidar Aes Sedai embassy to stay away from the Black Tower.
  2. In A Crown of Swords
    1. ACoS,Prologue - Elaida issues orders for Toveine Gazal to lead fifty Aes Sedai and two hundred guards to take the Black Tower. A Green Ajah agent in Caemlyn reports that there are four hundred men in the Black Tower by counting supply carts but Elaida believes only a few can channel.
    2. ACoS,Ch2 - At Dumai's Wells Rand sends most of the Asha'man back to the Black Tower but takes nine, four soldiers, four Dedicated, and Dashiva with him to Cairhien.
    3. ACoS,Ch8 - The Salidar Aes Sedai have heard rumors of the Black Tower and the Asha'man.
  3. In Winter's Heart
    1. WH,Prologue - Taim has a wall enclosing four square miles built around the Black Tower.
    2. WH,Prologue - The fifty one Aes Sedai captured by the Asha'man are held captive in the Black Tower.
    3. WH,Prologue - Elayne and Birgitte visit the Black Tower accompanied by Queen's Guards.
    4. WH,Ch25 - Eben, Damer and Jahar are afraid to return to the Black Tower fearing that they will be implicated in the attack on Rand.
  4. In Crossroads of Twilight
    1. CoT,Prologue - Logain prepares to leave the Black Tower with some companions.
    2. CoT,Ch12 - Red Ajah sisters in Caemlyn have been asking about the Black Tower.
    3. CoT,Ch14 - Because the Black Tower is far from the Lugard Road, Elayne hopes that the Asha'man will not get involved with the Borderlanders.
    4. CoT,Ch19 - Faced with the unknown threat that destroyed Shadar Logoth, some of the Salidar Aes Sedai Sitters propose an alliance with the Asha'man and the Black Tower.
    5. CoT,Ch20 - Aviendha tells Egwene that the Wise Ones will probably not support an alliance with the Black Tower.
    6. CoT,Ch21 - Elaida is confident that the debacle at the Black Tower will be blamed on Toveine.
    7. CoT,Ch24 - Logain tells Rand that most of the Black Tower is now loyal to Taim.
    8. CoT,Ch30 - The Salidar Aes Sedai continue to discuss an alliance with the Black Tower.
  5. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Ch17 - The Black Tower is two leagues south of Caemlyn.
    2. KoD,Ch18 - Logain goes to the Black Tower to send Asha'man to Illian and Arad Doman. There are now forty-one full Asha'man with Taim and fifty more in his special classes.
    3. KoD,Ch29 - When Mazrim Taim visited the Two Rivers, he took forty men and boys back to the Black Tower.
    4. KoD,Ch35 - When the High Seats of the noble Houses ask Elayne what she plans to do about the Black Tower she admits that she is powerless to force them to do anything.
    5. KoD,Epilogue - Pevara and five other Red Ajah sisters Travel to the Black Tower to ask permission to bond Asha'man as Warder.
  6. In The Gathering Storm
    1. TGS,Ch8 - Siuan tells Egwene that the sisters sent by Elaida to take down the Black Tower were all bonded by Asha'man.
    2. TGS,Ch43 - The rebels eventually sent an embassy to the Black Tower. The embassy included one Sitter from each Ajah including Lyrelle.
    3. TGS,Ch45 - Romanda reports to Egwene that there has been no word from the embassy sent to the Black Tower. Faolain, Theodrin, Myrelle and Nisao were with them.
  7. In Towers of Midnight
    1. ToM,Ch46 - Androl thinks the houses in the Black Tower village would look in place in New Braem or Grafendale.
    2. ToM,Ch56 - The Black Tower is covered by a dreamspike. No one can enter or leave by Traveling and Mazrim Taim controls access by the gates.