CoT: Two Captains

Mat POV#

Mat, Egeanin and Noal return to Valan Luca's circus. Petra Anhill, the strongman, and his wife Clarine watch a horse handler named Col roll dice. Some Seanchan soldiers are questioning Luca. Rumann, the swordjuggler, is courting Adria the contortionist. As they walk through the show, they pass Aludra hard at work. Mat and Egeanin argue about who is in charge, who is the captain.

Bayle Domon and Blaeric Negina watch the soldiers with Luca. Satisfied with their questioning, the soldiers leave. Egeanin avoids them as one of them was on her ship Fearless on the trip to Falme. Luca says the soldiers wanted his horses, but he still has High Lady Suroth's warrant. Mat says they can leave as soon as Thom returns from Ebou Dar. Luca's wife is Latelle.[1] The three Aes Sedai[2] and three sul'dam[3] all stay in one wagon. Mat and Egeanin go to the tent where Juilin, Thera and Olver stay, telling them they are leaving. Olver wants to ride Wind. Noal shows up, then leaves to tell Vanin and the Redarms. Noal shares a tent with Thom, Nerim and Lopin. The dice in Mat's head start rattling again.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] We first learned of Luca's marriage in WH,Ch15.
[#2] Joline, Teslyn and Edesina
[#3] Renna, Seta, and Bethamin
[#4] Because he is going to talk to Tuon next.

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