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The Great Hunt is a fantasy novel by American author Robert Jordan , the second book of The Wheel of Time series. It was published by Tor Books and released on November 15, 1990. (Wikipedia)



This is the list of the 15 chapter icons used in this book.

Plot Threads#

The numbers represent the chapters.

Black All in Fal Dara
Red Egwene, Nynaeve, Min and Elayne
Green The search party for the Horn of Valere
Blue Rand, Loial and Hurin
Orange Perrin, Mat and Ingtar
Light Green Moiraine
White Falme


Rand POV#

Rand sticks around Fal Dara, saying that he's planning on leaving. In the meantime, he's learning swordwork from Lan. He stays long enough that he's still there when the Amyrlin arrives. Moiraine has his old clothes taken away and replaced with new clothes. (TGH,Ch2) One morning, Fal Dara is attacked. Fades and Trollocs have invaded. (TGH,Ch6) Rand heads to the dungeon, finds Fain is gone but left a message for him about Falme. The Horn and the dagger have been stolen. The next morning, he has his audience with Siuan. (TGH,Ch8) After the meeting, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Loial and the Shienarans prepare to leave. Hurin is introduced as a sniffer. They start riding south. Three days later, they find a Fade nailed to a door. (TGH,Ch10)

That night, Ingtar gives Rand a package from Moiraine which contains the Dragon banner. Rand, Hurin and Loial go to sleep next to a portal stone and wake up in a washed-out version of the world. Hurin can still smell the Trollocs, so they keep going south. That night, Rand and Ba'alzamon dream-chat and Rand wakes up with a heron branded on his hand.(TGH,Ch15). The next day, Selene shows up and keeps trying to get Rand to go back to the real world via another Portal Stone, which he eventually does. They're now ahead of Fain, so they wait until he catches up and then they go into the camp and steal back the Horn and the dagger. (TGH,Ch19) They ride south into Cairhien (Country) and pass by a Choedan Kal which mesmerizes Rand. (TGH,Ch20) Rand remembers that Bayle Domon told him that there's another one on Tremalking. They stay overnight at The Nine Rings and in the morning, Selene has gone. Rand and the others head to Cairhien (City). When they arrive, Daes Dae'mar begins. Rand runs into Thom. That night, Thom tells the story of Owyn. The next day they encounter Aludra. (TGH,Ch27) The day after that, their inn catches fire and the Horn and the dagger are gone (TGH,Ch30). Soon after, Mat, Perrin and Ingtar arrive and then Verin arrives. The next night they go to Barthanes' manor (TGH,Ch32). They try to go through the Waygate but Machin Shin stops them. Barthanes tells Rand that Fain is waiting for him at Falme. Rand and the others head to Stedding Tsofu, where they meet Erith (TGH,Ch35). Three Aiel Maidens also arrive. Perrin and Mat tell Rand that the Aiel are looking for him. They try to use the nearby Waygate, but Machin Shin is there again, so they head to a nearby Portal Stone. At the Portal Stone, Rand randomly channels a symbol, causing all to see many visions of futures. (TGH,Ch37) They arrive at Toman Head and Verin tells them that four months have passed.

They ride for three days looking for Fain's trail and stop at a village. They are still two days from Falme. They learn all about the Seanchan. (TGH,Ch41) Hurin finally picks up Fain's scent. Ingtar says he will take some men into Falme to get the Horn, but Verin says five will go. The next morning, they enter Falme and Mat senses the dagger in Turak's house. They enter and take back the Horn and the dagger. Rand fights Turak and wins. (TGH,Ch45) After that, they try to leave the city. When the two are together, Ingtar confesses to Rand to being a Darkfriend trying to come back into the Light. Rand forgives him ("The last embrace of the mother...") and Ingtar sacrifices himself so that the others can live. (TGH,Ch45) Still, they end up trapped, so Mat blows the Horn (TGH,Ch47). The Heroes of the Horn appear and join the fight while Rand fights Ba'alzamon who stabs Rand in the side but then Rand stabs Ba'alzamon in the heart. Five days later, he wakes up. Min tells him that Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Mat, Hurin and Verin left for Tar Valon with the Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger. Verin tried Healing on his side wound, but it did not work. They tell him his battle with Ba'alzamon was seen in the sky by everyone in the area. Cairhien is in civil war because of him. Moiraine found the two seals in Turak's house. They are now broken. The Dragon Banner flies on a pole. Masema starts his Prophet role. Rand finally accepts being the Dragon Reborn. (TGH,Ch49)

Egwene & Nynaeve POVs#

Egwene starts packing in order to be ready to go with the Amyrlin back to Tar Valon. They travel west to the Mora River. (TGH,Ch8) Along the way, Verin gives channeling lessons to her and Nynaeve. Egwene wants to talk to Moiraine about her dreams but finds out that Moiraine and Lan left two days ago, then Liandrin, then Verin. Anaiya thinks Egwene might be a Dreamer. (TGH,Ch12) A few days after they arrive at Tar Valon, Nynaeve prepares for her Accepted test. Shes goes through the Three Arches and channels while in the arches. (TGH,Ch23) The day after Nynaeve's Accepted test, one of the Accepted takes Egwene to her new room and she meets Elayne, who is assigned to help her. Egwene is a bit jealous that Elayne knows Rand. Elayne takes Egwene to meet Min. On the way, they see Logain. Galad and Gawyn arrive while the three are talking. (TGH,Ch24).

After thirteen weeks at the White Tower, Liandrin says the boys are in danger from Shayol Ghul and that Egwene and Nynaeve must accompany her to Toman Head. She tells them to meet her at the Ogier grove an hour before sunset and to tell no one because of the Black Ajah. Min and Elayne listened in on the conversation and they say they are coming as well. (TGH,Ch38) That evening Liandrin meets them and leads them to the Waygate. Elayne says that Elaida taught her a little of the Ways. Egwene can sense saidar and the taint of the Ways as well. They travel through the Ways for two days and then finally arrive at the Waygate on Toman Head. (TGH,Ch39)

Once through the Waygate, Liandrin gives the girls to Suroth. Renna collars Egwene. Elayne and Nynaeve escape. The Seanchan ride back toward Falme with Egwene and Min. (TGH,Ch40) After some weeks Nynaeve spots Fain. Nynaeve and Elayne start to plan the rescue of Egwene and Min. (TGH,Ch42) Nynaeve and Elayne find Min who takes them to a meeting with Bayle Domon. They tell him to be ready to sail any time in the next two or three days. (TGH,Ch43) The next morning, Rand spots Egwene wearing the a'dam in the house across the street. While Rand is fighting Turak, Nynaeve, Elayne and Min rescue Egwene. While making their escape, soldiers approach and Egwene attacks with a fireball. Nynaeve and Elayne are separated from Min and Egwene. (TGH,Ch46) Min finds Rand unconscious and Egwene finds them. Egwene leaves to get Nynaeve. Lanfear drops by and tell Min to take care of Rand until she comes for him. (TGH,Ch48)

Aes Sedai#

While Rand stayed in Fal Dara, Moiraine left at some point and then returned.(TGH,Ch1). The Amyrlin has arrived with her procession, which includes sixteen Aes Sedai and fourteen Warder. In the meantime, Moiraine has switched out Rand's old clothes with new ones.(TGH,Ch2) Siuan sees Rand crossing the courtyard and Rand blazed like the sun to her.(TGH,Ch5) Anaiya and Liandrin walk with Moiraine to the audience chamber. Along the way, Moiraine sees Egwene hiding Rand. They reach the audience chamber and Verin, Serafelle, Carlinya and Alanna are there. Leane enters and summons Moiraine into the Amyrlin's chamber. Siuan has the chest with the Horn. Siuan says Elaida came to Tar Valon with Elayne and Gawyn. Siuan asks Leane to leave and then her and Moiraine chat a while longer about the Dragon Reborn.(TGH,Ch4) Moiraine has destroyed Rand's clothes and will cleanse Rand, Mat and Perrin before they leave so there will be no traces for Shadowspawn to follow.(TGH,Ch5)

Liandrin threatens Amalisa and Agelmar with talk of Darkfriends. She uses Compulsion on Amalisa and tells her to find the three boys. She says they must be taken secretly to Tar Valon because of the Black Ajah.(TGH,Ch5)

Moiraine, Siuan, Leane and Verin use the ivory figurine angreal to partially Heal Mat. He cannot be completely Healed without the Ruby Dagger. Verin says little is known about Dark Prophecy. She reads the Dark Prophecy.(TGH,Ch7)

Siuan, Moiraine and Verin meet with Rand in the Amyrlin's chamber. Moiraine tells Rand about Tam al'Thor's history.(TGH,Ch8)

In the Fal Dara courtyard, an arrow barely misses Rand and scratches Siuan's cheek. It hits another man who dies almost instantly. (TGH,Ch9)

The Aes Sedai prepare to leave Fal Dara. They head west. The first night, Verin gives Egwene and Nynaeve lessons in channeling. She tells Egwene that Moiraine started channeling on her own just like Egwene. She says they will get lessons every night until Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices, has charge of them. Other Aes Sedai who give them lessons are Alviarin, Alanna and Liandrin.(TGH,Ch12)

They reach the village of Medo on the Mora River. Anaiya says Moiraine vanished with Lan two days ago, then Liandrin, then Verin without Tomas. Anaiya thinks Egwene might be a Dreamer. They board the River Queen. (TGH,Ch12)

Verin gallops up to Rand and the others and says that '"Moiraine Sedai sent me, Lord Ingtar." (TGH,Ch14)

The Amyrlin's boat arrives at Tar Valon and Sheriam meets them at the dock and leads them to the White Tower.(TGH,Ch18)

Moiraine and Lan are in Tifan's Well in Arafel at the home of Adeleas and Vandene. Moiraine is studying old books and manuscripts. Vandene notes Moiraine is reading books on the Trolloc Wars, the Watchers Over the Waves, the legend of the Return, the Horn of Valere, Dark Prophecy, Santhra's book on the Forsaken, Shadar Logoth and the Prophecies of the Dragon. A Draghkar attacks, but Jaem and Lan save her. Moiraine says it was warded, therefore the Black Ajah was involved. Moiraine says she must leave immediately and asks the sister to send letters to the White Tower for her.(TGH,Ch22)

Perrin and the others encounter Urien who explains that he's looking for He Who Comes With The Dawn. He explains Rhuidean and the signs he's looking for to Verin.(TGH,Ch28)

As Rand and the others enter Barthanes's manor, they see Verin and Ingtar talking alone.(TGH,Ch33)

Liandrin enters Egwene's room. Liandrin sends Min and Elayne away. She then tells Egwene and Nynaeve that Rand and the other two boys are in trouble and need their help. Moiraine has sent letters concerning them to the White Tower. Liandrin says the boys are in danger from Shayol Ghul and that Egwene and Nynaeve must accompany her to Toman Head. She tells them to meet her at the Ogier grove an hour before sunset and to tell no one because of the Black Ajah.(TGH,Ch38)

Liandrin hands the girls off to Suroth and then returns through the Waygate.(TGH,Ch40)

Verin says "five will go" into Falme to get the Horn.(TGH,Ch44)

Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Mat, Hurin and Verin left for Tar Valon with the Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger. Moiraine comes over to Rand and says she learned much in Falme. She says she did not send Verin and she figured out about Fain and Mordeth.(TGH,Ch49)