Season 1 - The Flame of Tar Valon

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 3 - Dragon's Fang#

Berdene wakes his daughter, Siuan, to tell her that it's time to catch the fish. They go out on their boat, anchor it, and then prepare the nets. In the distance, you can see the city of Tear. It's revealed that he's lost his left hand. Siuan helps untangle the net by channeling. Berdene anxiously looks around. They talk about how important it is that nobody sees her channel. They come back home with a basket full of fish only to find that their hut has been burned down and a dragon fang painted on a wall. Berdene packs Siuan's things, gives her some advice and sends her to the White Tower.

Scene 5 - Kill Me#

In the Hall of the Sitters, Leane announces that the Amyrlin, Siuan Sanche, is entering, which she does, and then seats herself. Everyone bows once she is seated. Siuan nods to Leane, who then commands that Logain be brought in. The Tower Guards bring him in, chained, and have him kneel in front of Siuan. She orders him unchained since he poses no threat now that he's gentled. She asks him if he knows why he's here. He responds by telling her that the further away from the White Tower you go, the more people say that the Aes Sedai are weak. He says that people will remember that he went against nine Aes Sedai and manage to kill one. Siuan Sanche considers what he said and sees through it, telling him that if he's looking for a death sentence, it's not going to happen. Instead, he will serve as an example to the other false Dragons and will be studied until he loses his mind to the madness. As the guards remove him from the Hall, he pleads for them to kill him.

Scene 6 - Beg Your Mother For Mercy#

Siuan tells Liandrin, Alanna and Moiraine to approach her. Siuan then has the room cleared of the non-Sitters. She tells the three that Logain deserved a fair trial before her, but Liandrin counters that they had no choice. Alanna steps forward and begs for clemency, stating that Liandrin made the right choice. Maigan, a Sitter for the Blues, and Moiraine are shocked by this.[1] Moiraine states that if Logain had not been gentled, then all of the Aes Sedai there would have been killed.[2] Siuan reinforces the principle that Tower laws exist to protect everyone, not just Aes Sedai. Siuan announces that since Kerene had fallen, and therefore Liandrin was in charge, that Liandrin should be punished. Liandrin then tells the Hall that Moiraine was traveling with the most powerful channeler anyone had seen in 1,000 years but had told no one about it. In her defense, Moiraine says that she didn't know. Liandrin accuses Moiraine of not doing her job as a member of the Blue Ajah, which is to gather information and discover danger. Maigan stands and says that this subject is Blue business, to be dealt with internally. Liandrin hints that Maigan is suggesting that Siuan doesn't want to question Moiraine because she was once also Blue.[3] Siuan asks where Moiraine has traveled for the past two years and what was the purpose of the travels. Moiraine responds that she cannot say. Siuan orders her to get on her knees and asks her again, with Moiraine giving the same response. Siuan, who calls her by her whole name, Lady Moiraine Damodred, takes this as an act of defiance and suggests that she has contempt for those below her and then tells her to put her forehead on the floor, which Moiraine does. Siuan ends the meeting by saying that she will think on Moiraine's penance and announce it the next day.

Scene 7 - Your Reckoning Comes#

As Moiraine and Alanna leave the Hall, Alanna tells Moiraine to apologize soon to the Amyrlin. Liandrin and her posse confront them. Liandrin says that Moiraine's reckoning will come tomorrow.

Scene 8 - Worse Than Expected#

Moiraine is sitting on a balcony sipping tea. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Nynaeve and Loial leave Rand and Mat's room in the inn. Lan enters the balcony shortly thereafter. Both he and Moiraine leave for the inn. Moiraine asks Lan how bad Mat is, and he responds that Mat is worse than expected. They are escorted to the room by the innkeeper, Basel Gill. Moiraine instructs him to go downstairs and stay there no matter what he hears.

Scene 9 - Stupid Boy#

Moiraine and Lan enter Rand and Mat's room. Rand, obviously expecting Nynaeve, is surprised that it's Moiraine and Lan and surprised that Moiraine is alive. Moiraine starts towards Mat and Rand draws his sword, which causes Lan to get between the two. Lan disarms Rand shortly thereafter. When Moiraine is close enough, Mat draws the ruby dagger on her, but Moiraine channels which pushes Mat back down and keeps the dagger floating. She then proceeds to channel the blackness from Mat and into the dagger, with Lan and Rand holding Mat down. The dagger finally drops to the ground and Lan covers it with cloth, then picks it up.

Scene 10 - I Suggest You Start Using Some#

Rand and Moiraine are standing on a balcony outside the room and he thanks her for saving Mat and that he saw the darkness moving over her. They talk about whether Mat is the Dragon. She says that Mat is very strong, otherwise the ruby dagger would have consumed him weeks ago. She also says that the dagger was feeding off of Mat as much as Mat was off of it. She warns of Mat touching the dagger again. Nynaeve and Loial then return. Moiraine tells Nynaeve that her pride almost got Mat killed.

Scene 11 - Disappearing Ships#

Moiraine is relaxing in a sauna. A woman comes in and sets down a towel. Maigan then comes in and sits beside her. Maigan nods to the attendants and they leave the room. She then talks about how Siuan is losing her political grip, using Alanna, of the Green Ajah, and Moiraine, of the Blue Ajah, agreeing with Liandrin, of the Red Ajah, as an example. She continues, saying that there are ships disappearing off of the west coast,[4] Aiel on this side of the Spine of the World,[5] Trollocs invading the Two Rivers and an Aes Sedai sinking the ferry at Taren Ferry. Maigan says that they sent money to Taren Ferry as recompense. Maigan would like to know how Trollocs got to the Two Rivers undetected, but Moiraine doesn't know. Maigan says that the Blue Ajah owes Siuan their allegiance as she was once a Blue. She also says that she'll intervene with Siuan on Moiraine behalf, but Moiraine will have to stay in the Tower permanently because Maigan may have to investigate the disappearing ships. Moiraine grabs her towel and a sprig of small yellow flowers falls out.

Scene 12 - A Visit To The Yellows#

Moiraine asks a Yellow Aes Sedai how long "they" have been there and the answer is no more than a day or two. They pass through a walkway with yellow flowers growing on the railings.[6] The Yellow sister opens a door to a room where Egwene and Perrin are and Moiraine enters.

Scene 13 - Return of the Rings#

Moiraine enters the room where Egwene and Perrin are. Perrin has been Healed and is asleep. Egwene asks if Rand and Mat have arrived, and Moiraine says that she has people watching for their arrival but knows that they are alive.[7] Moiraine says that she heard that the two of them were taken by Whitecloaks. Egwene nods and then gives Moiraine the rings she took from Valda and states that Valda won't harm any more Aes Sedai. Egwene then tells Moiraine about Perrin's golden eyes and how he knew that the wolves would not hurt them. Moiraine warns her to not tell anyone because there are many in the city who would harm him.

Scene 14 - Be Back Before Dawn#

It's sunset, and Moiraine is in front of a mirror in her room, preparing herself, when Lan enters. He states that she has masked their bond, which prevents him from properly protecting her. She bids him goodnight and he tells her that he'll guard her door until she returns. After he leaves, she walks over to an ornately framed painting on the wall, weaves and a doorway appears.[8]

Scene 15 - Dreams of the Eye#

Moiraine walks through the doorway and appears in a room where Siuan is sitting on a bed. The room is decorated in a style like Siuan's hut from childhood. Siuan is upset with the "display" that she had to put on earlier in the Hall. Part of that is because of the appearance of no favorites that she must take. The two then share an intimate moment together. Afterwards, they talk about Moiraine finding the Dragon, or rather five potential Dragons, in the same village, and also about the various legends of the Dragon. Siuan brings up the Karaethon Prophecies, but Moiraine wonders if they're trustworthy, being 3,000 years old and having been re-translated many times by many different Aes Sedai. She even questions Gitara's vision of the baby being born, even though both her and Siuan were there for it. Moiraine feels like she knows less now than ever. Moiraine considers bringing other sisters in, even though doing so would result in both of them being stilled.

Scene 16 - A Man in North Harbor#

Moiraine and Lan are walking through the Tower, talking about Rand and Mat, when Liandrin intercepts them. She talks about the Two Rivers folk and how Siuan would love to know about their connection. Moiraine gets in Liandrin's face and tells her that she knows about her man in North Harbor, and not to tell anyone about what she just heard or else she'll tell Liandrin's Red sisters about him.

Scene 17 - A Way to Surmount It#

Moiraine and Lan meet with Loial in the Tower. She asks Loial for help with a crisis.

Scene 18 - A Request for an Audience#

Moiraine brings Egwene into the Hall of the Tower. She tells Egwene that Siuan has requested an audience with her, but someone else wants to see her first. Lan brings Nynaeve into the room. Nynaeve and Egwene hug each other. Moiraine tells them they need to go because Siuan is waiting on them.

Scene 19 - Called to Greatness#

Moiraine, Nynaeve and Egwene enter Siuan's room. She gives them permission to call her Siuan in here. Siuan praises Nynaeve channeling strength and Egwene for returning the rings. Nynaeve then asks Siuan what she wants. Siuan tells them that they've been called to greatness and that the fate of everyone rests on them. Nynaeve responds that they don't want any part of that. Siuan explains that the Wheel doesn't care what they want and the only thing that matters is what they're going to do.

Scene 20 - It's Time#

Moiraine is standing in an open area high inside the Tower. Lan comes out and tells her it's time (to see the Amyrlin) and that he'll go with her inside the Hall. She declines, asking him instead to make sure "they are there."

Scene 21 - Exiled#

Siuan pronounces that Moiraine's punishment is exile from the Tower. To ensure that Moiraine obeys, she is to swear on the oath rod. Siuan says that Moiraine must swear to obey the Amyrlin Seat and to never return until she calls her home. When Moiraine rises to her feet and turns around, all of the Sitters stand and turn their backs to her and she exits the room.

Scene 22 - Into the Ways#

Moiraine, on horseback, leaves Tar Valon and heads into the countryside. She stops at a Waygate on top of a hill. She is soon joined by Loial and with him are Perrin and Egwene. Finally, Rand, Mat, Nynaeve and Lan ride up. Moiraine and Lan shoo the horses away. Loial explains that they would not survive the Ways. Loial starts to explain what the Ways are, but Moiraine cuts him off and simply says that they are the quickest way to the Eye of the World. She tells them that the Dark One's prison is there and that one of them, whomever is the Dragon, will finish the job that the last Dragon started. She talks about what will happen if they don't strike at the Dark One now while he is weak, which would basically be the end of the world as they know it. Egwene asks what would happen to all those who were there and not the Dragon and Moiraine, after a pause, replies that no one can be certain about that. Moiraine walks over to the Waygate and channels it open.[10] Everyone enters the Ways before the Waygate closes, except for Mat.[11]

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] Normally one Ajah would never come to the defense of another Ajah in front of the Amyrlin.
[2] This is a fine line that Moiraine is walking. She's simply stating a fact without taking sides.
[3] This is a severe faux pas. The Amyrlin is of no Ajah and of all Ajahs. No one brings up which Ajah an Amyrlin came from.
[4] Foreshadowing for Episode 108.
[5] One (dead) Aiel was seen in Episode 103 in Breen's Spring.
[6] Same color as the flowers Moiraine found in her towels in the previous scene.
[7] Why does Moiraine do this when she actually visited Rand and Mat already? To keep control. If all of the Two Rivers folk met, they might decide to do something different than what Moiraine wants them to do.
[8] Is this a ter'angreal?
[9] The oath is in the name of the Amyrlin Seat, but Moiraine swears to Siuan instead.
[10] The weave is in the shape of a trefoil leaf.