A young woman from the Two Rivers and a blacksmith. She is married to Perrin.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

  • Laila did not go to Egwene's ceremony (Episode 101)
  • Laila is working late at the forge on Winternight (Episode 101)
  • Perrin goes to forge and sees Laila working hard. He asks her why she's here, but she doesn't answer. He also said that he had heard that she didn't go to the ceremony. He comes behind her and holds her and says "I love you." She replies "I know" and leans back into his chest. (Episode 101)
  • We then switch to Laila and Perrin in bed and Laila holds Perrin's hand. (Episode 101)
  • Perrin and Laila run to the forge, allowing one more person in before they close and lock the door. (Episode 101)
  • Perrin and Laila start defending themselves against Trollocs. Perrin kills the one attacking him, hears something behind him and swings his axe backwards without looking, slicing Laila in the side with a deep cut. She dies in his arms. (Episode 101)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Season 1
    1. Episode 101 - Nynaeve asks where Laila is and encourages Perrin to go to her at the forge.
    2. Episode 102 - Mat sits down next to Perrin in the building. Mat gives Perrin a dagger that Laila made for him. He says that Laila only made tools, not weapons. (Episode 102)
    3. Episode 105 - Perrin tells Egwene what really happened to Laila

Book Character: Laila
IMDB: Helena Westerman