Pronunciation: lee-AHN-drihn

An Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

  • Liandrin and four other Red Ajah chase and gentle a man. (Episode 101)
  • Liandrin tells Lan and Moiraine that they captured a man who was calling himself the Dragon Reborn. (Episode 103)
  • Alanna and Liandrin have paired up to shield Logain. Liandrin explains that they captured him in his own camp while he slept and then scared his army away by weaving lightning. She says that he is mad, declared himself the Dragon Reborn and also tried to march on the White Tower. Kerene and Moiraine take over for Alanna and Liandrin. Moiraine grunts at the effort to keep Logain shielded. Liandrin tells Moiraine that that's half his power. (Episode 104)
  • Nynaeve is on a ridge overlooking the Aes Sedai camp, eating her lunch, when Liandrin visits her. Nynaeve guesses that Liandrin is there to ask her questions, so she says that first she'll ask Liandrin questions and then maybe answer Liandrin's questions. Her first question is "How long have you known Moiraine." Liandrin smiles. (Episode 104)
  • Liandrin is telling Nynaeve about Moiraine choosing the Blue Ajah and the purpose of the Red Ajah ("to protect the world from people who would misuse the One Power"). Lan comes up and asks if he can join, to which Liandrin replies that she's just leaving. She invites Nynaeve to the Red Ajah tent, which is open to all women. (Episode 104)
  • Liandrin is sitting in a chair in Logain's cave. Kerene comes up to her. They discuss what should happen to Logain. (Episode 104)
  • Kerene is still in the cave when her wards start going off. She explains to Liandrin that it means Logain's army did not run home. (Episode 104)
  • Back in the cave, Liandrin says that there's no way that Logain's army can get by seven Aes Sedai. Logain breaks the shield around him, causing Liandrin and Kerene to go flying backwards through the air, knocking them unconscious. (Episode 104)
  • Kerene, Liandrin and Moiraine start to shield Logain again. Logain pierces the shield. Kerene sees this and creates a shield in front of Liandrin and Moiraine. Logain's three daggers of power strike out, hitting the two shields and stopping, but with the third one hitting and killing Kerene. (Episode 104)
  • Liandrin and Moiraine are still trying to shield Logain when Stepin, Lan and Nynaeve enter the cave. Upon seeing Kerene's body, Stepin goes berzerk and attacks Logain with his axes. The axes penetrate the shield, giving Logain the chance to turn them into shrapnel and hurling them back at everyone. Everyone except Nynaeve is hurt or dying. Nynaeve yells "No!" and Heals everyone who was injured. The healing generates a blazing ball of light visible to everyone. All of the Aes Sedai link with Liandrin who then gentles Logain. (Episode 104)
  • Alanna and Liandrin are sitting on seats on the wagon behind Logain's cage. (Episode 105)
  • Liandrin finds Nynaeve in the Warder' Hall. They talk about the Red Ajah not having Warder, usually. Liandrin talks about men in control not being kind to girls who show signs of greatness. Liandrin then points out the direction to the library and the gardens beyond that. (Episode 105)
  • Liandrin catches up to Moiraine and they talk about Nynaeve becoming a novice and which Ajah she will eventually pick. (Episode 105)
  • Siuan tells Liandrin, Alanna and Moiraine to approach her. She tells the three that Logain deserved a fair trial before her, but Liandrin counters that they had no choice. Siuan announces that since Kerene had fallen, and therefore Liandrin was in charge, that Liandrin should be punished. Liandrin then tells the Hall that Moiraine was traveling with the most powerful channeler anyone had seen in 1,000 years but had told no one about it. She accuses Moiraine of not doing her job as a member of the Blue Ajah. She hints that Maigan is suggesting that Siuan doesn't want to question Moiraine because she was once also Blue. (Episode 106)
  • As Moiraine and Alanna leave the Hall, Liandrin and her posse confront them. Liandrin says that Moiraine's reckoning will come tomorrow. (Episode 106)
  • Moiraine and Lan are walking through the Tower, talking about Rand and Mat, when Liandrin intercepts them. She talks about the Two Rivers folk and how Siuan would love to know about their connection. Moiraine gets in Liandrin's face and tells her that she knows about her man in North Harbor, and not to tell anyone about what she just heard or else she'll tell Liandrin's Red sisters about him. (Episode 106)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. Season 1
    1. Episode 104 - Kerene explains that only Alanna, Liandrin and herself are strong enough to keep Logain shielded and they have to work in pairs.
    2. Episode 105 - Alanna tells Moiraine that Liandrin is gaining influence in the White Tower.

Book Character: Liandrin
IMDB: Kate Fleetwood