Maderin is a prosperous, stone-walled town in Altara, larger than Jurador. It is surrounded by farms and olive groves. The streets are wide and stone paved. The three and four story brick houses have tile roofs. The local commerce is based on olive oil, lacquerware and lace.

Stores, Inns, Manor Houses#


References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Ch11 - Mat, Thom, Tuon and Selucia visit The White Ring in Maderin. After Vane and other Darkfriends attack them, they leave the circus with a few others and head out on their own.
    2. KoD,Ch25 - Mat and his party head out of Maderin and leave the road as soon as they are past the last farms.