Pronunciation: MAT-trim CAW-thon

A young man from the Two Rivers. He has two sisters. Best friends with Rand and Perrin.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Two Rivers#

  • Mat, with a claim of him about to win, tosses the dice and loses the throw. Mat, Perrin and Rand chat. (Episode 101)
  • Mat goes outside to look for his mother and father. (Episode 101)
  • Mat walks over to Padan, who apparently knows him already, and sells Padan a bracelet that belonged to Danya. (Episode 101)
  • Back at village, Rand, Mat and Perrin talk. Mat figures out that there's a problem between Rand and Egwene. (Episode 101)
  • Mat gets inside his house but then he discovers that his parents don't know where his sisters are, so he goes back out after them. (Episode 101)
  • Mat finds his sisters hiding away and takes them to a safe spot. (Episode 101)
  • Mat enters the village with his two sisters. (Episode 101)
  • Mat and the others mount up and ride out of the village. (Episode 101)

Journey to Tar Valon#

  • Master Hightower ferries Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Perrin, Mat and Egwene across the Taren River. (Episode 102)
  • Rand dreams that something is caught in his throat, and then he pulls a dead bat out of his mouth. Not far away, a shadowy figure of a man appears, with embers for eyes. Mat and Perrin has similar dreams. (Episode 102)
  • Mat, Rand, Perrin and Egwene sing the song "Weep for Manetheren" and Moiraine explains the fall of Manetheren to them. (Episode 102)
  • Lan, Moiraine, Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene enter Shadar Logoth. (Episode 102)
  • Mat sits down next to Perrin in the building. Mat gives Perrin a dagger that Laila made for him. He says that Laila only made tools, not weapons. Perrin reassures Mat hat his sisters will be fine. (Episode 102)
  • Mat wakes up and goes outside. He sees a shadow move inside a building and follows it. He enters a room with light shining into it and onto an ornate box covered with some debris. He opens the box and finds an ornate dagger with a ruby embedded in it. He's examining the dagger when he hears the horses neighing loudly. (Episode 102)
  • Mat and Rand run away together and eventually find a way out of the city through a grate. They push a fallen tree into the river and cling onto it as it heads downstream. (Episode 102)
  • Mat and Rand are climbing up a rocky mountain on the other side of the river from Shadar Logoth and are continuing east to the White Tower. (Episode 103)
  • Rand and Mat crest a peak and see a stone canyon below them. There's a town, Breen's Spring, at the bottom. They wander through the town until they find The Four Kings and go inside. They watch Thom sing a song for the crowd while playing his guitar. Mat gets pick-pocketed. (Episode 103)
  • Rand and Mat talk to Dana about a room for the night. Rand ends up chopping wood and Mat serves drinks. (Episode 103)
  • Mat walks up to the dead man in the cage, looking at the bright stone. Thom is walking up as well. Thom explains that the dead man is an Aiel.
  • Rand is running away from Dana. He sees Mat and they start running, with Dana in pursuit, holding Rand's sword. She corners them and explains that the Dark One wants them to join him in the breaking of the Wheel. Thom throws a dagger from behind her and she falls dead. He tells Rand and Mat that he's headed east and they decide to join him. (Episode 103)
  • Mat and Rand stop for a moment. Mat is having trouble with his horse. Mat and Rand talk about Thom's trustworthiness. Mat reminds Rand that Dana mentioned that there were five of them that could be the Dragon Reborn. Mat wonders who the fifth person would be. (Episode 104)
  • Thom, Mat and Rand have dismounted and are scouting a farm. Thom says that they'll wait until dark to sneak into the barn, sleep the night, and then be away before they're discovered. Mat's horse is still acting spooked. (Episode 104)
  • Mat and Rand are mucking out the stalls while Thom is sipping tea. Mat seemed tired and says he needs a break. (Episode 104)
  • Mat is leaning on a trough and vomiting. The blackness from Shadar Logoth is on the ground and around his mouth. Helga Grinwell comes in, surprising Mat. Mat recovers. She says that her mother sent her to give them a load of bread for their work. Mat thanks her for the bread. He then talks about his sisters, who are home with their parents. Helga then give him a doll to give to his sisters, that she named Birgitte, who protects her when everyone else is asleep. (Episode 104)
  • Mat and Rand are sleeping in the barn. Rand sits up and reminds Mat that he's here for Mat no matter what happens. (Episode 104)
  • Rand and Thom rush into the Grinwell's house. They see Mat standing with his back to them. Thom is set to grab Mat, but then Mat raises his hand, which is holding the ruby dagger, and points into the dark upstairs area. He says "I see you" and a Fade's face appears out of the shadows. Thom fights the Fade as Rand and Mat run outside. They see Helga's body out there, but Rand urges Mat to continue on. (Episode 104)
  • Rand and Mat are walking with other people on a path to Tar Valon. A boy runs too close to Mat and he yells at the boy, who runs away. (Episode 105)
  • Mat is looking down on the street. Mat sees Logain looking up at him and laughing maniacally. Rand tries to get Mat's attention. Mat looks over at Rand and then back down at Logain, who is slumped in his cage. (Episode 105)
  • Mat and Rand make a deal with each other that if either of them start to channel then the other one won't let him end up like Logain. (Episode 105)
  • Nynaeve tries to help Mat, but he yells at her not to touch him. (Episode 105)

Tar Valon#

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Season 1
    1. Episode 101 - Mat leaves the table and Rand and Perrin talk about how much money he lost.
    2. Episode 104 - Thom tells Rand the story of his nephew Owyn. Thom says that Mat has the same symptoms.
    3. Episode 105 - Rand tells Nynaeve that he thinks Mat can channel.
    4. Episode 106 - Rand and Moiraine talk about whether Mat is the Dragon. She says that Mat is very strong, otherwise the ruby dagger would have consumed him weeks ago. She also says that the dagger was feeding off of Mat as much as Mat was off of it.
    5. Episode 106 - Egwene asks Moiraine if Rand and Mat have arrived, and she says that she has people watching for their arrival but knows that they are alive.
    6. Episode 106 - Moiraine and Lan are walking through the Tower, talking about Rand and Mat, when Liandrin intercepts them.
    7. Episode 107 - The Two Rivers folk want Moiraine to re-open the Waygate so that Mat can get in, but she doesn't, saying that he made his choice. She remarks that they must continue on, and she and Lan start walking. The Two Rivers folk agree to find Mat when this is all over, and then they too continue onward. Moiraine and Lan discuss the consequences of the Dragon Reborn being Mat and Moiraine says she would not allow him to get close to the Dark One.

Book Character: Mat
IMDB: Barney Harris, Dónal Finn