NS: The Evening Star

Moiraine POV#

Moiraine begins searching the rougher part of Chachin for Siuan. At The Ruffled Goose a woman tries to steal Arrow. At The Blind Pig the innkeeper laughs at her. At The Silver Penny the innkeeper, Nedare Satarov tries to slip her drugged wine. She uses a Blue Ajah secret weave of Spirit to induce fear and force her to drink her own concoction.[1] Moiraine spends the rest of the day searching to no avail. As evening falls Siuan finally finds her. She is staying at The Evening Star, an upscale inn. The innkeeper, Ailene Tolvina allows Moiraine to stay with Siuan. Moiraine tells her that Avene Sahera is not the one. Siuan tells her that Ines Demain is staying in the Aesdaishar Palace. She is newly a widow. She named her son Rahien ("dawn" in the Old Tongue), because she saw the dawn come up over Dragonmount. The hot news is that a young blacksmith who was very lucky died a couple of nights ago, but they do not see how that could be connected to Meilyn, Tamra and the Black Ajah.[2] Moiraine makes a plan to enter the Aesdaishar Palace. At least Queen Ethenielle's Aes Sedai advisor[3] is with her away from the palace.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This weave seems disturbingly close to Compulsion.
[#2] All will come clear later. (NS,Epilogue)
[#3] It is not clear if she is Nianh (TPoD,Prologue) or her predecessor.

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