NS: Shreds of Serenity

Moiraine POV#

Siuan and Moiraine try to work their lessons around their copying. Kerene lectures Moiraine on Artur Hawkwing. Meilyn lectures her on Willim of Maneches and his influence on Shivena Kayenzi. Aisha lectures on law in Shienar and Amadicia. Valera and Ludice are also still in the White Tower. They have no sense of urgency to begin the hunt! With the departure of the Aiel, many of the Grand Coalition forces have already left for home and many others are leaving soon. The White Tower is rife with stories and rumors. Ellid Abareim claims she heard Adelorna tell Shemaen that Gitara had a Foretelling that Tarmon Gai'don will come during the lifetimes of sisters now breathing.[1] Katerine and Sarene pass by on their way to dinner.

Because Tamra is so certain the time is now, Moiraine thinks Gitara must have had other related Foretellings. Siuan and Moiraine continue practicing for the test. Myrelle helps. Elaida shows up to watch. She then participates in the distracting only she is much rougher, beating them mercilessly.[2] After she leaves, Myrelle fetches Sheriam and Ellid to put ointment on their bruises. They then take some of Verin's potion to try to sleep. The next morning Elaida Heals their bruises. This goes on for three days, but on the third morning Merean appears instead of Elaida. She tells them that Elaida nearly got a penance, not for beating them but for helping them cheat on the test![2] Ten days, one week,[3] after Gitara's Foretelling there is a sudden thaw and most of the snow on Dragonmount melts. The timeframe for the Dragon Reborn's birth has been set. Nine days later before dawn Merean summons Moiraine Damodred to be tested for the shawl.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Although this is clearly true, there is no indication whether or not this rumor is a Foretelling or someone's fantasy.
[#2] Per Robert Jordan, Elaida's primary motivation is to see the White Tower as strong as possible. Because of their strength and potential, she wants Moiraine and Siuan to succeed despite the fact that she despises them.
[#3] Jordan is crystal clear here that a week is ten days.
[#4] This information precisely sets the timing of Moiraine's test as the twenty-first day of Danu. (NS,Ch2)

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