Pronunciation: RAND ahl-THOR

A young man from the Two Rivers. His father is Tam. Best friends with Mat and Perrin.

Possible Spoilers#

He is the Dragon Reborn.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Two Rivers#

Journey to Tar Valon#

  • Master Hightower ferries Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Perrin, Mat and Egwene across the Taren River. (Episode 102)
  • Rand dreams that something is caught in his throat, and then he pulls a dead bat out of his mouth. Not far away, a shadowy figure of a man appears, with embers for eyes. Mat and Perrin has similar dreams. (Episode 102)
  • Mat, Rand, Perrin and Egwene sing the song "Weep for Manetheren" and Moiraine explains the fall of Manetheren to them. (Episode 102)
  • Lan, Moiraine, Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene enter Shadar Logoth. (Episode 102)
  • Mat and Rand run away together and eventually find a way out of the city through a grate. They push a fallen tree into the river and cling onto it as it heads downstream. (Episode 102)
  • Rand and Mat are climbing up a rocky mountain on the other side of the river from Shadar Logoth and are continuing east to the White Tower. (Episode 103)
  • Rand and Mat crest a peak and see a stone canyon below them. There's a town, Breen's Spring, at the bottom. They wander through the town until they find The Four Kings and go inside. They watch Thom sing a song for the crowd while playing his guitar. (Episode 103)
  • Rand and Mat talk to Dana about a room for the night. Rand ends up chopping wood and Mat serves drinks. (Episode 103)
  • Dana comes out to check on Rand's progress and see that he's chopped more than enough to earn a room with a real roof. (Episode 103)
  • Dana and Rand are chatting in his room. She gets up and walks to the door, then shuts and locks it. She asks him "was it the hair?" and says it made her look too much like Egwene. Rand tries to get his sword, but Dana gets it first. She holds him at swords-length and says that she's waiting for Mat because she needs him also. Rand starts pounding on the door. (Episode 103)
  • Rand breaks the door down and runs away. He sees Mat and they start running, with Dana in pursuit, holding Rand's sword. She corners them and explains that the Dark One wants them to join him in the breaking of the Wheel. Thom throws a dagger from behind her and she falls dead. He tells Rand and Mat that he's headed east and they decide to join him. (Episode 103)
  • Mat and Rand stop for a moment. They talk about Thom's trustworthiness. Rand wonders if Thom killed Dana just to get them to trust him more. (Episode 104)
  • Thom, Mat and Rand have dismounted and are scouting a farm. Thom says that they'll wait until dark to sneak into the barn, sleep the night, and then be away before they're discovered. Master Grinwell appears with a drawn bow. Rand explains that they just wanted to sleep the night there. He surmises that Master Grinwell doesn't want to kill them because he's holding his bow wrong. (Episode 104)
  • Mat and Rand are mucking out the stalls while Thom is sipping tea. (Episode 104)
  • Thom tells Rand the story of his nephew Owyn. Thom tells him that they have to keep Mat away from the Red Ajah. (Episode 104)
  • Mat and Rand are sleeping in the barn. Rand sits up and reminds Mat that he's here for him no matter what happens. (Episode 104)
  • Rand is dreaming. Perrin is hammering on a covered body. Mat walks by with blood covered hands. Egwene calls out to Rand but then the man with the burning eyes and mouth comes up from behind and grabs Egwene. Rand wakes up. (Episode 104)
  • Rand and Thom rush into the Grinwell's house. They first see Mistress Grinwell and her son dead on the floor. In the next room, they see Master Grinwell also dead. They then see Mat standing with his back to them. Thom is set to grab Mat, but then Mat raises his hand, which is holding the ruby dagger, and points into the dark upstairs area. He says "I see you" and a Fade's face appears out of the shadows. Thom fights the Fade as Rand and Mat run outside. They see Helga's body out there, but Rand urges Mat to continue on. They get on their horses and ride off. (Episode 104)
  • Rand and Mat are walking with other people on a path to Tar Valon. He sees a mountain in the distance and says that he thinks he's seen it before. (Episode 105)

Tar Valon#

The Ways and Fal Dara#

  • In the Ways, all are asleep, except for Lan. Egwene is awakened by a whistling sound. She wakes up Rand and then they both stand up. A flash of lightning shows a Trolloc jumping onto the island. With a instinctive channeling of the One Power, the Trolloc is sent back over the edge to plummet forever. (Episode 107)
  • Machin Shin tells Rand: Egwene will never love you as much a you love her. She left you once and she'll do it again. (Episode 107)
  • Moiraine is leading Rand, Egwene, Perrin and Nynaeve through the Fal Dara market. (Episode 107)
  • Rand asks who Min was, and Moiraine explains. (Episode 107)
  • Rand and Egwene fight about Mat. Rand and Perrin fight about Egwene. (Episode 107)
  • Rand apologizes for thinking that there was something between her and Perrin. He encourages her to go to the White Tower for training and says that he'd be her Warder. (Episode 107)
  • Rand sees flashbacks and other memories indicating that he's the Dragon Reborn. (Episode 107)
  • Rand walks into Min's tavern where she's closing up. He asks her to tell him that he's not the Dragon Reborn, which she does. He asks Min what she sees now, and she answers "rainbows, carnivals and three beautiful women." He also asks her if he makes it back from the Eye of the World, but she doesn't answer and just grabs a bottle and stands up. (Episode 107)
  • Rand knocks on Moiraine's door. When she opens it, he tells her that he's the Dragon Reborn. (Episode 107)

The Eye of the World#

  • Rand and Moiraine enter the Blight in order to get to the Eye of the World. (Episode 107)
  • Moiraine and Rand are walking through the Blight when they encounter a rotting corpse. Moiraine explains that boys from the Borderlands like to test themselves against the Blight without realizing how dangerous it is. (Episode 108)
  • Moiraine and Rand are walking through the Blight when they see the remains of the Seven Towers of Malkier. Moiraine says that they can rest here for a half hour. Rand says that the Seven Towers look like they've been that way for 1,000 years, but Moiraine says forty at the most. (Episode 108)
  • Rand and the Dark One have a conversation in Rand's dream. (Episode 108)
  • Rand asks Moiraine what her plan is. Rand asks Moiraine if she thought the Dragon Reborn was going to be Egwene. She doesn't respond, but he says that he thought so as well. (Episode 108)
  • Rand asks Moiraine if she can teach him to channel, but she says that she can't and that every time he touches the Source, the closer to madness he will get. (Episode 108)
  • Moiraine and Rand see Trollocs heading to Tarwin's Gap. (Episode 108)
  • Moiraine and Rand arrive at the Eye of the World. (Episode 108)
  • Rand's memory has pieces of what happened at the Eye of the World. He remembers that as Lews Therin he fought the Dark One. He remembers the Aes Sedai symbol in the center of the floor and kneels down to touch it. (Episode 108)
  • Rand finds himself in a house. He hears a woman and a baby outside. When he goes outside, he sees Egwene playing with a baby. It looks like the house is in the Two Rivers. (Episode 108)
  • Rand begins to not trust that what he sees is reality. He asks Egwene what they carved into a tree when they ran away together as children. She responds with "Our place. For this life and the next. Forever," which was the correct answer. He accepts that it's really her, but the whole scene freezes moments later and the Dark One approaches them. He tells Rand that he can remake the world in his image and that he can show Rand how. (Episode 108)
  • The Dark One is giving instructions to Rand, telling him to empty himself of all feelings and turn them into want. To want everything so much that it turns into reality. Rand starts channeling. (Episode 108)
  • Rand is now channeling into Moiraine's sa'angreal. The Dark One tells him to stop, to make the world how he wants. Rand asks about what Egwene wants and then releases the Power in the sa'angreal into the Dark One, destroying him and cracking the symbol on the floor. (Episode 108)
  • Rand says that he felt the madness when he channeled so he's going to go away and he wants her to tell everyone else that he's dead. (Episode 108)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

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Book Character: Rand
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