TDR: A Way Out

Mat POV#

It is the morning after TDR,Ch24. Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve walk into Mat's room without knocking. They ask how he is. Nynaeve checks him as she has done for five years, then she Delves him. From the way they act it is clear to him that they want something. Elayne asks him to carry a letter[1] to her mother, Queen Morgase in Caemlyn. After leading them on a bit, he tells them that he cannot because of the Siuan's orders. If they can get him away from Tar Valon he will gladly carry the letter. They talk it over, then give him one of the Amyrlin's executive orders. He starts humming when he reads what it says. He accepts the letters and asks if they have any money. They are surprised because he spent every waking moment on the trip to Tar Valon gambling with Hurin. He says that was for coppers or nothing. Prices are high since there is civil war in Cairhien. He says he can make out anyway with his dice. He promises to deliver the letter.[2] Egwene and Nynaeve talk of home for a while and Elayne tells him about Caemlyn and the Royal Palace. He tells them that if they ever need help he will come.[3] They leave and Mat dances a jig. That letter will get him away from both Siuan and Selene.

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The letter they discussed in TDR,Ch27.
[#2] A turning point for Mat. He was known for breaking promises but that is now changed.
[#3] And he does. (TDR,Ch46, TDR,Ch54)

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