TDR: Maidens of the Spear

Egwene POV#

From her clothes and appearance Egwene recognizes the woman as Aiel. She feels an odd affinity for the woman.[1] The woman introduces herself to Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve as Aviendha of the Nine Valleys[2] sept of the Taardad Aiel. She is a Maiden of the Spear. She asks if they are Aes Sedai. She says Aes Sedai are like their own Wise Ones. Nynaeve lets her think they are full Aes Sedai. Aviendha asks if they can Heal a wounded friend and Nynaeve agrees to help. Two more Maidens come out of hiding, Chiad of the Stones River Goshien and Bain of the Black Rock Shaarad. Bain and Chiad are bonded first-sisters.[3] The Stones River sept broke away from the High Plain sept many years ago. They travel further downstream and come upon another Maiden, Jolien of the Salt Flat Nakai, who stayed with Dailin. She took a sword in the stomach when they were attacked by soldiers who thought they were bandits. Nynaeve starts to use her medicines. They exchange some cultural information that leaves Egwene confused. The Maidens are overwhelmed by large bodies of water. The thought of swimming terrifies them. The Aiel once served the Aes Sedai so Aiel will never attack Aes Sedai even if they bring lightning or balefire down on them. Egwene recalls thinking about balefire in her trip through the three arches but still does not know what it is. Nynaeve finally gets angry enough to Heal Dailin. She uses a very complex weave that Egwene can barely follow.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because Aviendha has the ability to channel. Egwene will recognize the affinity for what it is in TSR,Ch23.
[#2] Early printings incorrectly give her sept as Bitter Water.
[#3] We learn exactly what is involved in the first-sister ceremony in WH,Prologue.
[#4] Nynaeve uses a much more complex form of Healing than current day Aes Sedai. It is more akin to the Healing used in the Age of Legends.

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