TDR: To Race the Shadow

Mat POV#

Tallanvor escorts Mat to the main gate of the Royal Palace and chastises Elber for refusing him entrance. He continues through the gate with Mat and asks more about the White Tower. Who is Sheriam and what is special about her study?[1] Mat says he honestly knows nothing. Tallanvor is loyal to Morgase to the death and is concerned there are things happening that he does not understand. Mat leaves him and returns to The Queen's Blessing. He tells Thom and Master Gill that he is leaving immediately. Master Gill is concerned and asks if Elayne's letter soothed Morgase. Mat says yes and asks him about Gaebril. Gill replies that he came from the west last winter, from the Two Rivers or perhaps the mountains. He came while Morgase was still at Tar Valon. He restored order, and when Morgase returned she was so pleased she gave him Elaida's position as advisor. Mat asks about the succession and Gill tells him Morgase's cousin, Lady Dyelin is next in line after Elayne. That is clear-cut so it would happen immediately and not take two years like Morgase's succession to Tigraine. Gill also mentions having bad dreams since Gaebril arrived.[2] Mat tells them what he overheard. Gill concurs with the description of Lord Comar and says he was a leader in the Queen's Guards till he was accused of using weighted dice. Gill says he can start a rumor about the danger to Elayne by telling Gilda the maid. Thom says that after fifteen years he is no longer passionate about Morgase. He agrees to accompany Mat to Tear. They will ride back to Aringill and catch a fast ship. Mat gives Gaebril's purse to Gill telling him it is the stakes in their game and Mat always wins.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Just a joke on the punishment Elayne surely received.
[#2] An effect from Rahvin not shielding his dreams. (TDR,Ch53)

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