TDR: Wolf Dreams

Perrin POV#

Perrin is very worried that he will end up like Noam. That evening, after Simion brings him dinner, he goes to Moiraine to ask if she knows anything and can help him. She says she found a fragment of a book from the Age of Legends while studying at two friends' library.[1] It describes Wolfbrothers, but even in the Age of Legends little was known. She warns Perrin that wolves live partly in a dream world and that dreams can be very dangerous to him. She has read that Dreamers have encountered wolves in their dreams.[2] Perrin returns to his room and goes to sleep.

Perrin walks down a corridor. A wolf voice warns him of danger. He recognizes the voice as Hopper. He knows he is dreaming but cannot wake. He sees a strangely dressed man who acts like an arrogant noble.[3] He is clearly irritated at Perrin being in his dream. Suddenly a shadow on the wall reaches out and removes the man's skin, spattering Perrin with blood. Again, the wolf voice tells him to run; there is great danger. In another corridor Perrin sees a beautiful woman in white.[4] She is very angry when she sees him and disappears with a strange two-dimensional effect.[5] Hopper appears next to him warning him once again of extreme danger, worse than Fades.[6] Hopper leaps for his throat.

He finally wakes. He is unharmed, but his face and clothes are still spotted with blood. He throws away his clothes and sleeps poorly the rest of the night.

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Rand POV#

Rand utterly destroys a Darkhound with a rod of white light.[7] It was not the first. Holding saidin makes him feel sick so that he wishes Moiraine or Nynaeve could Heal him. He is heading to Tear where he will end it all, one way or the other. He is now no easy prey to his hunters.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Adeleas and Vandene (TGH,Ch22)
[#2] So evidently the wolf dream is closely related to or part of Tel'aran'rhiod.
[#3] This attire is unique. Is he perhaps a Sharan?
[#4] Lanfear
[#5] Apparently she Travels.
[#6] Meaning Lanfear or another of the Forsaken or something else?
[#7] balefire

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