TEotW: Play for Your Supper

Rand POV#

Rand and Mat travel the road from Whitebridge to Caemlyn. They hide when mounted patrols pass. Rand keeps hoping to see Thom come up from behind. Mat keeps fingering his Ruby Dagger. They spend their first night out of Whitebridge outside on the ground. They are running out of money and cannot afford to stay at an inn. Rand asks Mat about selling the Ruby Dagger, but Mat gets angry. They stay at several farms and get some meals in exchange for a few hours work.

After several days they arrive at the Grinwell farm and Master Grinwell invites them to stay the night. The eldest daughter is Else Grinwell.[1] She starts flirting with Rand. Mistress Grinwell has yellow hair, which Rand has never seen before. The Grinwells suggest that Rand and Mat play at inns. Mistress Grinwell is suspicious of Rand's intent for her daughter and is happy to see him leave.

The next day, at dusk, they enter the village of Arien. There is only one inn, and the innkeeper lets them stay there and have a meal in exchange for them performing. The next morning, Eazil Forney gives them a ride out of town. Rand and Mat continue traveling in this manner for several days and then they arrive at Four Kings.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

Note: The timing in Chapters 31 - 34 is confusing due to an awkward flashback. For clarification of the timeline see the FAQ, Section 2.7.7.

[#1] Else Grinwell pops up later in the White Tower.

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