TEotW: Caemlyn

Rand POV#

Rand and Mat have arrived in Caemlyn in the back of Almen Bunt's cart. He tells them about the city; the Inner City was built by Ogier. Bunt turns down a side street and stops. Rand and Mat get out. Bunt asks if Rand's blade is really heron-marked. Bunt lets them know that he does not like Holdwin. Bunt then drives away. Rand remembers that Thom said to go to The Queen's Blessing. They start asking for directions. They notice that many people are wearing red or white strips of cloth or cording. Rand buys some of the red cloth and a white cord and wraps it around his sword to hide the heron mark. They see Whitecloaks in the street. They finally find The Queen's Blessing. They go in and meet Basel Gill . Rand tells him that Thom told them to come here. Master Gill leads them to the stableyard and asks them what is in the case they are carrying. Rand shows him Thom's flute and cloak. Rand tells Master Gill that Thom is dead, but Master Gill says that he'll believe that when he sees the corpse. Master Gill guesses correctly that the boys are having troubles with Aes Sedai. Master Gill tries to ask if either of them can channel. Rand denies it. Master Gill says that he will give them a room and some food. He also tells the boys a little of Thom's past. Thom was once a court bard in Caemlyn. Thom was intimate with Morgase, but then some trouble with his nephew[1] came up and Thom left. When he returned, Thom and Morgase had an argument and Thom left Caemlyn one step ahead of the headsman's axe. Gareth Bryne, Captain-General of the Queen's Guards, probably still remembers.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Thom's nephew is Owyn and he could channel.

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