Pronunciation: TAM al-THOR

A man from the Two Rivers. He has one son, Rand.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Before Two Rivers#

  • On the slopes of Dragonmount, Tigraine grabs a cape and makes her way over to a boulder, puts the cape down, and prepares to give birth. As she is doing so, Tam, standing in front of her, points his heron-marked sword at her. (Episode 107)
  • Tam helps Tigraine give birth and she dies soon afterwards. Tam takes the baby back home, raising the child in the Two Rivers. (Episode 107)

Two Rivers#

  • Tam and Rand are leading Bela and a filled cart down a mountain road from their farm. (Episode 101)
  • Tam delivers a cask of apple brandy to the Winespring Inn. (Episode 101)
  • Tam says that Aes Sedai don't fight wars, but instead manipulate people. (Episode 101)
  • Egwene serves breakfast to Tam while looking around for Rand. (Episode 101)
  • Rand and Tam arrive back at their farm with Bela and a cart. (Episode 101)
  • Inside their house, Rand and Tam are attacked by a Trolloc. Tam manages to dive under his bed, pull out a box, open it, and take out a sword. The sword has a heron marked on its blade. Tam puts up a good fight but gets stabbed in the shoulder. As the Trolloc pushes into Tam, Rand stabs it in the back and kills it. Tam slumps to the floor, telling Rand that it was a Trolloc. (Episode 101)
  • Rand carries Tam through the forest after the Trolloc attack, with Tam having a fever and talking to his deceased wife, Kari, about finding a crying baby in the snow during a battle. (Episode 107)
  • Rand enters the village with Tam on Bela's back. Moiraine heals Tam. (Episode 101)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. Season 1
    1. Episode 108 - The Dark One asks Rand where he got the sword from and Rand replies from his father. The Dark One is amused that Rand thinks that Tam is his father.

Book Character: Tam
IMDB: Michael McElhatton