ToM: In the Three-fold Land

Aviendha POV#

Aviendha runs through the Aiel Waste in late afternoon. She is on her way to Rhuidean to traverse the glass columns and complete her Wise One training. She feels that all is right again. The dangers she faces here are obvious and simple to her. She stops for the night, builds a fire and starts her dinner. With no warning an Aiel woman appears. She is friendly and gives her name, Nakomi.[1] Nakomi is humble but she asks challenging questions about Rand and the future of the Aiel. What is there purpose after the Last Battle? Aviendha thinks they must return to the Waste, but if they have, indeed, fulfilled their debt to the Aes Sedai, why should they remain in the Waste for further punishment and honing. Why become hard for the sole sake of being hard? Aviendha is troubled by the questions. Nakomi helps with the food and it is ready remarkably fast and very delicious. Nakomi leaves for a moment but does not return. Returning from a quick search, Aviendha finds that Nakomi's belongings have disappeared as well. Aviendha goes to sleep, still troubled.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This chapter is a mystery. Is Nakomi real or a vision? If real, where did she come from and who is she?

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