ToM: The Light of the World

Mat POV#

The melted remains of the twisted red doorway are in the middle of the room. They hear sounds and are quickly surrounded by Eelfinn. Mat's ashandarei blade seems to pass through them, but Thom's iron knife and the iron band on Mat's spear strike home. Mat throws one of Aludra's nightflowers and when it explodes he picks a random direction to lead Thom and Noal. They follow a corridor and suddenly are in front of a carved wooden doorway.

They enter and it is the same room Mat remembers with eight pedestals. Except that Moiraine floats in the center. She wears only the ivory bracelet. He reaches forward but his hands burn. Thom then reaches for her, ignoring the pain, and pulls her free.[1] The pedestals are suddenly occupied with Eelfinn. Here they will make a bargain and set a price. Mat demands that they be given a clear path back to the way out without the Eelfinn interfering. They reply that this will be expensive. Another says that the price has been set. Knowing exactly what he means, Mat agrees. The Eelfinn leap on him and one of them rips out his left eye.[2] They all collapse in ecstasy as Mat howls in pain. They leave, Thom carrying Moiraine, and run down the hallway. They pass through the room with the melted twisted red doorway and down another hall, but they hear sounds. Mat's demand included no interference from the Eelfinn but he did not mention the Aelfinn. They see sinuous figures in front of them with bronze swords and they run.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Finally fulfilling Egwene's dream of him pulling a blue stone out of a fire. (TFoH,Ch15)
[#2] Half the light of the world to save the world. We will have to wait for A Memory of Light to learn how this will save the world.

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