ToM: The One Left Behind

Mat POV#

Mat, Thom and Noal run through the labyrinth with Moiraine chased by the Aelfinn. The nightflowers Mat throws are deadly but they are too angry for music to work any longer. They are being driven so Mat cannot use his luck effectively. Noal says he will stay behind and hold off the Aelfinn. As they leave, he shouts to tell the Malkier that Jain Farstrider died clean. They run down a hall and Mat randomly takes them back the way they came, entering another large room with columns[1] The twisted red doorway is there but it is broken into pieces.[2] No way out. Mat thinks furiously on how he got out last time. Thinking back, he asked for his memories filled, escape from Aes Sedai and to get out. His memory of battles fulfilled the first and the foxhead medallion the second. He never asked for the ashandarei. He assumed it was a weapon, but it is something else. He plunges it into the nearest wall and a burst of light comes through. The brilliance drives back the Aelfinn. He cuts the triangle and wavy line figure and a section of the wall falls away. Thom leaps through with Moiraine. After a final curse for the Aelfinn and Eelfinn and a tip of his hat Mat follows. There is a flash of white.

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Where Mat first enter the realm of the Aelfinn. (TSR,Ch15)
[#2] What happened to the doorway? It seems probable the Moiraine's mystery visitor (ToM,Ch57) was responsible.

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