WH: Questions of Treason

Bethamin Zeami POV#

Bethamin and Renna are inspecting the damane in the kennel in the Tarasin Palace. Renna used to be Suroth's best trainer, but now she is cowed. Bethamin threatens to report Renna to Essonde for laziness. Bethamin marks down a suggestion for Zushi, one of the Sea Folk damane who cries constantly. She also marks down a suggestion that Tessi have harsher training. Bethamin does not trust the ex-Aes Sedai. When they are done, Bethamin tells Renna to take both of their reports to Essonde. Bethamin found Renna and Seta collared in Falme. She fled in terror, only to be captured herself by Egeanin in Tanchico. She figures Alwhin later found them as they are now in personal service to Suroth.

Bethamin is from the village of Abunai on the Sea of L'Heye. As she walks back to her inn, Bethamin is excited at the prospect of Tuon revealing herself as the Daughter of the Nine Moons. When she arrives at The Golden Swans of Heaven, the innkeeper, Darnella Shoran, tells her she does not like her guests having male visitors.

When Bethamin reaches her room, she finds the Seeker reading her diary. He asks for brandy and Bethamin gives him some of Iona's, her roommate. He learned that Bethamin was asking after Egeanin Sarna. The Seeker tells her to renew her acquaintance with Egeanin and report back to him. He explains his theory that Egeanin, Suroth and Bayle Domon are in league. They are responsible for High Lord Turak's death at Falme and are plotting something with the Aes Sedai of this land.[1] Bethamin has no choice but to agree to help the Seeker.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Although the Seeker's intentions are in the right place, his conjecture is completely wrong.

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