ACoS: The Kin

Reanne Corly POV#

Reanne wanted to be Green Ajah, but panicked during her Accepted test. The Kin have heard rumors of the rebel Salidar Aes Sedai with a girl Amyrlin and that the Red Ajah set up Logain. They think the Aes Sedai do not know about the Kin. Garenia is upset that Setalle knows about the Kin. Reanne tells her Setalle learned of the Kin over twenty years ago accidentally. The Kin saved her life at her first childbirth. Derys brings in Sarainya Vostovan. She reports that Callie is dead and that Sumeko who is a great Healer says she was killed with the One Power.

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Nynaeve POV#

Elayne wonders how old the Kin are. Elin Warrel, an Accepted in the Tower, is over forty but still looks twenty. Reanne looks fifty to sixty. Channelers slow. Between twenty and twenty-five they begin aging more slowly. How much depends on their strength. Takima told Elayne that slowing is the beginning of the ageless look.[1] They are attacked by a long nosed woman wearing a yellow dress, a tall handsome man and two others. Elayne is knocked out but Nynaeve drives them off. She examines Elayne with a simple weave of Wind, Water, Earth, Fire and Spirit, then Heals her with just Spirit, Wind and Water because she is too woozy to do her more complex Healing.[2] Elayne wonders if it was Joline and Teslyn but Nynaeve thinks not.[3] There is a story about Queen Rhiannon announcing herself at the White Tower and getting her comeuppance.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] All evidence says the ageless look is mostly the effect of the Oath Rod.
[#2] Nynaeve's self-taught Healing is a complex weave using all five Powers.
[#3] The source of the attack is never made clear.

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