AMoL: A Knack

Perrin POV#

Perrin grins and realizes that Mat actually did rescue Moiraine and when he does so, sees an image of Mat riding on a dusty road tinkering with something in his hands.[1] Thom steps into the tent next. Egwene, as the Amyrlin, welcomes Moiraine. The Borderlanders also welcome Moiraine. The other rulers, except for Darlin, seem to not recognize her. Nynaeve gives a huge hug to Moiraine. Egwene tells Moiraine about Rand's plan with the Dragon's Peace and Moiraine responds by quoting different parts of the Karaethon Prophecies, stopping by each person who represents that part of the prophecy. A Brown notes that the Seanchan are excluded and Elayne notes that there's no way to settle disputes. Rand agrees to get the Seanchan to sign it or the document is void. Aviendha then requests her boon, which is to include the Aiel. Perrin comes up with the idea of making the Aiel the enforcers of the peace and mediators of disputes. Much discussion ensues, and Cadsuane smells extremely proud to Perrin.

The conversation turns to who will lead the battle, with Moiraine insisting it must not be Rand, and Rand insisting it must be him. Romanda suggests the White Tower, but Rand objects to the Amyrlin being the one. Darlin says that it must be one who is going to be in the fighting. Rand agrees, but says that everyone still needs to agree to all of his demands. Moiraine says that Rand will not break the seals, but instead Egwene, as Amyrlin, will, and she quotes the prophecies to prove it and asks Egwene about her own dreams, which also prove it. Rand hands three seals to Egwene. All of the rulers begin to sign the document, with Elayne last. Rand suggests that they all agree on Elayne to lead the battle and the rulers agree. Rand agrees to visit the Seanchan after the document is signed. The Aiel will not fight them. Rand will hold the Seanchan to the lands that they currently have and they'll all deal with the captives later. Rand has a final request, which is to have all of them help Lan.

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Lan POV#

Andere asks Lan how bad the battle is, and Lan replies that it's bad. Nazar has died, taking a Trolloc with him. Prince Kaisel rides up and reports that the Trollocs are lining up again. Lan's current standard-bearer, Jophil, is the fifth one since yesterday. Lan and his cavalry had taken control of the Gap at the beginning of the fight and have held it, but are slowly being pushed back and are now near the mouth of the Gap. Kaisel estimates that they have 6,000 riders remaining. Lan's plan now is to retreat and then to charge back towards the Trollocs, taking as many as them as they can before they are surrounded and all killed. Lan sees that Andere is helped into his saddle by Bulen and tells him to stay back, but Andere insists on staying in the fight.

Lan's forces retreat for several hundred yards and then turn around. The Trollocs start charging and then Lan's forces start charging back towards them. A dozen gateways open and Lan's charge becomes a hundred thousand. Asha'man start attacking, killing the front rank of Trollocs. Before leaving for the camp, Andere says he wants to see Lan smile. Lan not only smiles, but laughs and tells Jophil to raise the banner high.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] What is it?