CoT: High Seats

Elayne POV#

After the Sea Folk leave, Elayne and Aviendha dress assisted by Essande, Naris and Sephanie. Birgitte returns, announcing that Dyelin is back with the High Seats of Houses Mantear, Haevin, Gilyard and Northan. Elayne wonders what happened at the missing House, Candraed. Elayne orders Birgitte to entertain them in them in the formal sitting room and to have the First Maid[1] arrange apartments for them. When they are finished dressing Rasoria and the other guards escort them to the sitting room to meet the new arrivals. Lord Perival of House Mantear, Lady Catalyn of House Haevin, Lord Branlet of House Gilyard and Lord Conail of House Northan are all children; only Conail is over sixteen. The sign of House Haevin is the Blue Bear. Catalyn's guardian was her uncle Lord Arendor. Branlet's guardian was Lady Mayv Gilyard, but she was killed. Perival's guardian is Lord Willin Mantear, but he is bedridden. Catalyn is also advised by her aunt Lady Evelle. The four of them pledge their Houses to support Elayne. Catalyn questions why Birgitte does not wear a sword. Elayne quotes Gareth Bryne saying that a general's army is his sword. They want to know if Reanne Corly is Aes Sedai, but Elayne dodges the question. They brought over three thousand armsmen with them. The only one who seems to have much sense is Perival.

After some conversation, servants come to escort the four to their quarters. Dyelin is proud of what she accomplished in the past week. Lady Danine of House Candraed could not make up her mind, but the other four were successes. None wanted to see Arymilla on the throne. Dyelin is puzzled why Reanne Corly was so distracted. The high powered channeling has been going on for hours. Birgitte is disgusted. Conail offered to fight a duel with Arymilla's champion like Artur Hawkwing, though Hawkwing never did any such thing. Aviendha agrees that they are undependable children. Dyelin then says she became High Seat at fifteen when her father was killed. She successfully led her House against raiders from Altara and Murandy. Rasoria enters and announces that the First Maid[1] and the First Clerk[2] have come.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Reene Harfor
[#2] Halwin Norry

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