Season 1 - Shadow's Waiting

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 3 - Cold Open, Whitecloak Camp#

The scene is in a Whitecloak encampment with roughly nine tents. A boy delivers a covered plate to Eamon Valda from the Lord Captain for Valda's victory today. Valda is burning a Yellow Aes Sedai alive after cutting off her hands. He adds her ring to his collection.

Scene 5 - Taren Ferry#

The group is riding away from the Two Rivers with Trollocs chasing them. They cross a shallow river and the Trollocs still continue the chase. They continue into the night to Taren Ferry, waking Master Hightower, and demanding to cross immediately. Master Hightower says his son will be here soon to help. Lan presses coins into his hand and Moiraine promises twice that when they reach the other side. They are halfway across the Taren River when the Trolloc horde reaches the riverbank. One Trolloc is pushed into the river and drowns. A Fade rides up between the Trollocs to the edge and then screeches. Once on the other side, they unload the horses. Moiraine explains that a Fade can force a Trolloc to do many things, but not to cross deep water. Moiraine offers assistance to Master Hightower, but he refuses, citing the need to save his family. Lan cuts the ferry's rope and sets the ferry adrift. Moiraine Weaves to create a whirlpool that will destroy the ferry. Master Hightower jumps into the water to the ferry and then drowns.

The next morning they are still riding. Lan, back from scouting, returns and reports that they have lost the Trollocs.

Scene 6 - Camp#

Moiraine Heals the horses of their exhaustion. Mat, Egwene, Rand and Perrin talk about Nynaeve. The discussion then turns to Moiraine and her plans. Moiraine joins the conversation and then urges the other to sleep because they will leave at first light.

Scene 7 & 8 - Weaves#

Rand is lying awake. He sees Moiraine approach and feigns sleep. He sees Moiraine wake Egwene and the two leave together.

After Egwene asks Moiraine if she's going to kill them, Moiraine explains the three oaths. Moiraine and Egwene then talk about the Wisdoms' power of listening to the wind. Moiraine explains that it is the One Power. Moiraine then helps Egwene to channel the One Power.

Scene 9 - To Be Alone#

Egwene lays down next to Rand, who has moved away from the others. He then wakes up. He tells her that he came out here to be alone. Egwene leaves.

Scene 10 - Going Home?#

Perrin is awake at the campfire. He checks a wound on his leg. Egwene joins him and he wraps his cloak around her. Perrin asks Egwene if they'll ever go back home and she says that they won't.

Scene 11 - Dreams and Whitecloaks#

Rand dreams that something is caught in his throat, and then he pulls a dead bat out of his mouth. Not far away, a shadowy figure of a man appears, with embers for eyes.[1] Rand then wakes up and it's morning. There's a dead bat in front of him, and dead bats scattered across the camp. Egwene says she had the same dream. Rand asks Moiraine if she did this to them. Lan comes quickly forward, prepared to defend her. Mat and Perrin, through their silence, admit they had the same dream, when asked about it by Moiraine. She tells them to tell her the next time this happens, because dreams have power. Rand angrily confronts Moiraine about her plans for all of them and then confronts Egwene over what promises Moiraine made her.

As they leave, Lan is seen in the background, listening to them.

Later, Lan returns with news that Whitecloaks are ahead. Moiraine gives Lan her ring and instructs the others how to respond to any questions. They meet about two dozen Whitecloaks. Their leader, Geofram Bornhald instructs Moiraine and the others to dismount. Bornhald then asks Moiraine about their destination and purpose. She replies that they are headed to Whitebridge to see her sister. Bornhald is about to let them go when Valda comes up and jangles his set of rings. Bornhald then says that their Questioner, Valda, wants to talk to them first. Valda wants to know where Lan is from and replies that he's from the Borderlands. The Whitecloaks search their horses. Valda presses on Moiraine where her dagger wound is and she gasps. She explains that she was attacked by a monster with a boar's mouth. Bornhald identifies the wound as from a Trolloc's weapon. He asks if this happened in the Borderlands and she replies that it happened in a village near the Mountains of Mist. Bornhald asks what town they came from and she replies that it was Taren Ferry. Bornhald explains that they try to avoid Aes Sedai, but that Moiraine should try to find one when they reach Whitebridge. Valda tells Bornhald that he's going to take a contingent of Questioners south. Moiraine and the others mount up and continue on their way.

Egwene rides up next to Moiraine and asks her why she was able to lie. Moiraine explains how she didn't lie and how she needs to listen carefully to Aes Sedai when they speak.

Scene 12 - Weep for Manetheren#

As they ride along, Mat starts singing the song "Weep for Manetheren" and the other Two Rivers folk join in.

We walk the footsteps of our fathers
The trail blazed by our mothers
They bought the land with their blood
Long ago, long ago
Sing of Manetheren
Weep for the blood of Aemon
Cry for Manetheren
Long ago, long ago

Mat does not know the meaning of the song, so Moiraine explains the fall of Manetheren to them.[2]

Scene 13 - All She Wants#

Rand and Egwene are gathering wood for a fire. Egwene just wants Rand to look at her without hating her. Rand says that he could never hate her.

Scene 14 - Wolves#

Perrin is filling up water bottles in a creek. There are wolves howling in the distance. He sits down to look at his leg injury. He hears a noise and stands up to see a pack of wolves around him. One of them approaches and licks the wound, then they all run away.

Scene 15 - Shadow's Waiting#

It's nighttime and everyone has fallen asleep. Something wakes Egwene up. She looks around and then she sees a Fade on horseback on a ridge above them. The Fade screeches and Lan tells everyone that they have to go now and tells them to go to Shadar Logoth. The Trollocs start chasing them. At some point their horses refuse to go any further. In front of them is Shadar Logoth. The Trollocs have stopped even further back. Lan tells them to move and they enter Shadar Logoth.

Perrin notices that there's no living thing in there, including birds and bugs. They make camp inside one of the buildings. Lan explains the history of Shadar Logoth and then tells them to "touch nothing. Eat only what you brought."

Scene 16 - Aridhol Vista#

Rand exits the building and goes across the street, into a building and up its stairs to the top. Egwene joins him and they hold hands, staring out into the city.

Scene 17 - Loved Ones#

Mat sits down next to Perrin in the building. Mat gives Perrin a dagger that Laila made for him. He says that Laila only made tools, not weapons. Perrin reassures Mat that his sisters will be fine.

Scene 18 - Mashadar#

Later on, there's a whistling outside.[3] Mat wakes up and goes outside. He sees a shadow move inside a building[4] and follows it. He enters a room with light shining into it and onto an ornate box covered with some debris. He opens the box and finds an ornate dagger with a ruby embedded in it. He's examining the dagger when he hears the horses neighing loudly. Egwene and Perrin rush outside the building to see one of the horses stepping onto some black shadow[5] on the ground, which consumes the horse. Three horses run away. Inside, Moiraine wakes up and asks Lan where they are and then says "You've killed us all." Outside, Egwene, Perrin and Rand dodge the black shadow. Mat appears and he and Rand are separated from Egwene and Perrin by the black shadow. Mat and Rand run away together and eventually find a way out of the city through a grate. They push a fallen tree into the river and cling onto it as it heads downstream. Egwene and Perrin are chased to the top of the city walls and forced to jump into the river. Lan carries Moiraine onto a horse with him, and then leads the remaining horse outside of Shadar Logoth.

Lan has put Moiraine on the ground and is tending to her when Nynaeve comes up from behind him, puts a (cleaned up) Trolloc blade against his throat and demands that he leads them to the others.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This most likely is one of the Forsaken.
[#2] Note that every time Queen Eldrene is mentioned, the camera focuses on Egwene.
[#3] Sounds like the whistling we've heard before from Padan Fain.
[#4] Padan Fain's shadow.
[#5] Mashadar