Season 1 - The Dragon Reborn

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 3 - Ghealdan#

At the Jheda Palace, in Jehannah, the capital of Ghealdan, Logain's army is invading. Two soldiers are protecting the King of Ghealdan, who has been wounded in the shoulder. The two soldiers stop and confront Logain while the King continues onward. They throw spears at him, but Logain weaves a shield that stops the spears.

The King finally stops at a well on a parapet and Logain is not far away. The King says that Logain will never wear the crown, but Logain says he doesn't want it. The King is amazed that Logain believes that he is the Dragon Reborn and tells Logain that the Aes Sedai are coming for him. Logain says that the Aes Sedai should be following him instead. A female shadow voice tells Logain to kill the King, but he ignores her. The King tries to stab Logain, but Logain stops the dagger with a weave and proceeds to Heal the King's shoulder wound, even with shadow voices whispering that the King is not to be trusted. Logain tells the King that there's room for anyone on his side, even his enemies.

Scene 5 - Finally Healed#

Nynaeve is on a ridge overlooking the Aes Sedai camp, watching the activity below. Inside a tent, Kerene is healing Moiraine. Moiraine is amazed that the healing has exhausted Kerene. Kerene explains that it's not the healing, but the effort to keep Logain shielded that is exhausting. Moiraine says that she want to meet Logain.

There are eight Aes Sedai in this camp. In scene 33, Liandrin says "No army can get past seven full sisters," she is including Moiraine but excluding herself and Kerene, who are stuck guarding Logain.

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Scene 6 - Logain's Cave#

Kerene leads Moiraine to the cave where Logain is being kept. Kerene explains that only Alanna, Liandrin and herself are strong enough to keep Logain shielded and they have to work in pairs. Right now, Alanna and Liandrin have paired up. Logain is sitting in a cage with his eyes closed. Moiraine says she heard that Logain had conquered half of Ghealdan and had the King on his side. Liandrin explains that they captured him in his own camp while he slept and then scared his army away by weaving lightning. Kerene has set wards to give warnings if any of his followers approach. Liandrin says that he is mad, declared himself the Dragon Reborn and also tried to march on the White Tower. Kerene reminds the others that the Amyrlin Seat commanded that they bring him to the White Tower for trial. Kerene and Moiraine take over for Alanna and Liandrin. Moiraine grunts at the effort to keep Logain shielded. Liandrin tells Moiraine that that's half his power.

Scene 7 - Barely Company#

Lan and Stepin are practicing with their weapons. Lan asks about the White Tower. Stepin mentions that the Amyrlin Seat is still annoyed with Moiraine. Looking over at Nynaeve, Stepin questions Lan's choice in traveling companions. Lan corrects him, saying that she's barely company. Stepin sees Kerene approaching and walks over to talk with her.

Scene 8 - Imagine Their Dinners#

Stepin and Kerene are in their tent and talking about her relationship with Moiraine. Kerene mentions how tight-lipped Moiraine can be and Stepin says the same thing can be said about Lan. The both chuckle over the thought of Moiraine and Lan's dinners together. Stepin mentions that Liandrin has been talking to the other Aes Sedai and the rumors of the Red Ajah gentling men across the countryside. Kerene is confident that Liandrin won't disobey the Amyrlin Seat's order of bringing Logain to the White Tower for a trial.

Scene 9 - Not Very Good Bandits#

Egwene and Perrin talk about how they do not trust the TuathaAn and agree that if either of them want to leave, they both would, no questions asked. Aram walks up and tells them that the TuathaAn are headed east to Tar Valon and that they are welcome to join them. Aram says that it's not often they find people from the Mountains of Mist, but Egwene replies that she and Perrin are from Whitebridge. Aram does not seem to believe that. Ila bangs a pot with a stick and others follow suit, indicating that the caravan is moving on. Egwene and Perrin join the caravan.

Scene 10 - That Would Be Smart#

Thom, Mat and Rand are riding horses through some trees. Thom thinks he sees a farm ahead, so he rides a bit faster but Mat and Rand stop for a moment. Mat is having trouble with his horse.[1] Mat and Rand talk about Thom's trustworthiness. Rand wonders if Thom killed Dana just to get them to trust him more. Mat reminds Rand that Dana mentioned that there were five of them that could be the Dragon Reborn. Mat wonders who the fifth person would be.[2]

Scene 11 - Holding a Cat in the Bath#

Alanna and Moiraine are in the cave, maintaining the shield on Logain. Moiraine knew that women could not see men's weaves and tries to explain the experience itself, but can't. Alanna says it's like holding a cat in the bath. Moiraine surmises that Kerene is using Alanna to get information from her. Moiraine says that Alanna could have been Blue Ajah, but Alanna says that one Warder would never have been enough. Alanna says that when she picked the "Battle Ajah", the Green Ajah, she never thought that she would see the Last Battle. She also says that she's never seen any False Dragon with so much strength. She believes that the end of this Age is near. She's also worried that the Dragon Reborn might be needed at the Last Battle, but the Red Ajah may have, or will have, gentled him before that time.

Logain pushes against the shield, but Alanna and Moiraine clamp down on it.

Scene 12 - Lunch With Liandrin#

Nynaeve is still on a ridge overlooking the Aes Sedai camp, eating her lunch. Liandrin comes over, mispronounces her name, and says it's because she can't identify her accent, but that's because she's never heard Nynaeve speak. Nynaeve guesses that Liandrin is there to ask her questions, so she says that first she'll ask Liandrin questions and then maybe answer Liandrin's questions. Her first question is "How long have you known Moiraine." Liandrin smiles.

Scene 13 - Meet The Grinwells#

Thom, Mat and Rand have dismounted and are scouting a farm. Thom says that they'll wait until dark to sneak into the barn, sleep the night, and then be away before they're discovered. Mat's horse is still acting spooked. Master Grinwell appears with a drawn bow. Rand explains that they just wanted to sleep the night there. He surmises that Master Grinwell doesn't want to kill them because he's holding his bow wrong. Master Grinwell calls out to his wife to ask her what she thinks. She and her son are standing behind Thom, Mat and Rand with their bows drawn. Mistress Grinwell says that the three can stay in there after they muck the stalls.

Scene 14 - A Snake#

Liandrin is telling Nynaeve about Moiraine choosing the Blue Ajah and the purpose of the Red Ajah ("to protect the world from people who would misuse the One Power"). Lan comes up and asks if he can join, to which Liandrin replies that she's just leaving. She invites Nynaeve to the Red Ajah tent, which is open to all women. After she leaves, Nynaeve tells Lan that Liandrin is a snake. She asks Lan if the White Tower is full of women like that, to which Lan replies that she'll have a chance to find out. He reminds her that Moiraine and he promised to help find their friends when they got to the White Tower. Lan leaves, but as he's walking away, he invites her to the Warder's fire, as long as she doesn't shove anyone into it.

Scene 15 - The Way of the Leaf#

Ila explains to Perrin and Egwene that the TuathaAn follow the Way of the Leaf and have done so for thousands of years. They forswear all violence and all instruments of it. If they are attacked, they run if they can and endure if they can't. Rebirth through the turning of the Wheel plays a big part. She asks Perrin if he's used a weapon such as an axe and whether his life was better or worse because of it.

Scene 16 - Mucking Out the Stables#

Mat and Rand are mucking out the stalls while Thom is sipping tea. Mat seemed tired and says he needs a break.

Scene 17 - Birgitte#

Mat is leaning on a trough and vomiting. The blackness from Shadar Logoth is on the ground and around his mouth. Helga Grinwell[3] comes in, surprising Mat. Mat recovers. She says that her mother sent her to give them a load of bread for their work. Mat thanks her for the bread. He then talks about his sisters, who are home with their parents. Helga then give him a doll to give to his sisters, that she named Birgitte, who protects her when everyone else is asleep. She says that Birgitte has always wanted to see the world.[4]

Scene 18 - Owyn#

Thom tells Rand the story of his nephew Owyn. He was a troublemaker, but then one day he went sour. No one knew what happened until one day he threw a rock without using his hands (implying that he was channeling). Thom says that Mat has the same symptoms. The Red Ajah found Owyn while Thom was away and gentled him. Owyn lost the will to live and eventually committed suicide. Thom tells Rand that they have to keep Mat away from the Red Ajah.

Scene 19 - Guarding Logain#

Moiraine and Kerene are maintaining the shield on Logain.

Scene 20 - The Warders' Fire#

Lan, Stepin, Ihvon, Maksim and Nynaeve are sitting around a campfire. Stepin is telling a story about Lan and calls him al'Lan Mandragoran. Stepin asks Nynaeve how she got stuck with him, and she says that she tracked him.[4] She says that the Warder are more fun than they seem, but they still serve the Aes Sedai. Maksim says that they do not. Stepin explains that the bond between warder and Aes Sedai is stronger than any other bond. He explains that in the Old Tongue, "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All", which means they serve the world. Nynaeve then asks what does that make the Warder. Lan replies "Proud."

Alanna stops by the fire and Ihvon and Maksim stand up and leave with her. Nynaeve asks "the three of them don't..." and Stepin chuckles. Lan says he's feeling tired and leaves the fire.

Scene 21 - Terrifying or Comforting?#

Lan enters Moiraine's tent, where she is sitting on the bed. Lan, remarking on Logain, says that he's at least ten years too old. Moiraine doesn't know if he's stronger than Egwene. She thinks that the Dark One doesn't know who the Dragon Reborn is either. Moiraine is unhappy that they've lost Rand, Mat, Egwene and Perrin after hunting for them for twenty years and then just finding them. She holds Lan's hand and he remarks that she always gets emotional after he drinks.[6]

Scene 22 - Finding the Song#

There are drummers playing at the Tinker's camp and many people, including Egwene, are dancing. Perrin is standing at the side but soon leaves. Egwene and Aram end up dancing together. She asks him about the Song. Aram explains that in the last Age the TuathaAn knew a song that brought harmony to the world, but it was lost in the Breaking.[7] If they can find it again, there will be peace and happiness in the world. Looking around at everyone dancing, Egwene asks Aram if he's not sure that they've already found it.

Scene 23 - What Greater Revenge?#

Perrin is fixing a wagon axle. Ila notes that he finds peace in his work. Perrin see a Tinker, Sarai, with some scars on her face and says that not all the TuathaAn look peaceful. Ila says that Sarai was a hired killer who renounced violence. Ila goes into detail about the Way of the Leaf. The only way to end violence is for everyone, everywhere to stop. She acknowledges that this will take time. If she changes just two people's minds, then she's left the world a better place. She tells the story of her daughter's death and explains that she's doing this for results in a different Age.

Scene 24 - The Leaf Doesn't Fight the Wind#

Egwene and Aram are sitting together away from the crowd. Aram talks about TuathaAn leaving the wagons when they are twenty, to see if they really want to remain TuathaAn. Some farm, some set sail and some take up arms.[8] Most, but not all, come back to the wagons.

Scene 25 - No Matter What Happens#

Mat and Rand are sleeping in the barn. Rand sits up and reminds Mat that he's here for Mat no matter what happens.

Scene 26 - Dream World#

Rand is dreaming.[9] Perrin is hammering on a covered body. Mat walks by with blood covered hands. Egwene calls out to Rand but then the man with the burning eyes and mouth comes up from behind and grabs Egwene. Rand wakes up. Thom is right there to reassure him. Horses are neighing, sheep are bleating and Mat is gone.

Scene 27 - I See You#

Rand and Thom rush into the Grinwell's house. They first see Mistress Grinwell and her son dead on the floor. In the next room, they see Master Grinwell also dead. They then see Mat standing with his back to them. Thom is set to grab Mat, but then Mat raises his hand, which is holding the ruby dagger[10], and points into the dark upstairs area. He says "I see you" and a Fade's face appears out of the shadows. Thom throws a dagger at it and the Fade reappears at the bottom of the stairs in a moment. Thom fights the Fade as Rand and Mat run outside. They see Helga's body out there, but Rand urges Mat to continue on. They get on their horses and ride off, leaving the Birgitte doll behind.

Scene 28 - Where Is He Going?#

At the Aes Sedai camp, Nynaeve sees Lan wandering away from camp and decides to follow him.

Scene 29 - Expediency Or What's Right#

Liandrin is sitting in a chair in Logain's cave. Kerene comes up to her. They discuss what should happen to Logain. Liandrin does not think that they can keep him shielded for the hundreds of miles to the White Tower. She seems to suggest allowing him to break out so that they would be able to gentle him. Kerene reminds her that the White Tower has stood for thousands of years because they follow the laws, which apply to Aes Sedai just as much as they apply to Logain.

Scene 30 - Seven Times For the Seven Towers#

Lan has walked away from camp and knelt before a mound of rocks. Nynaeve followed him. Lan explains that he just finished a Malkieri ritual: seven times for the seven towers of Malkier. Nynaeve kneels down, kisses her hand and then touches her hand to the ground and says the following:

"Ayend'an Atha'an'shari'a marath allende'nesodhin an'ara'rhoid e'fel loviyagae zavilat'a'veren Ba'asa."[11]

Lan remarks that he didn't know that she knew the Old Tongue. Nynaeve says that she doesn't, but those are the last words her parents said to her. They hid her in the cellar during an attack on their village. She used to say it when she was scared, but stopped when she realized people come to Wisdoms for knowledge, not ignorance, and she doesn't know what the words mean. Lan asks if she wants to know, and she nods her head. He says it's what the last king of Manetheren said to his wife before their last battle:

"We shall go into the land so our children can always hold us and will never be alone."

She says that he's not exactly what she thought he was, which was a two-legged lapdog. He says that she was exactly what he thought she was. She asks for a further explanation, but then they hear shouting in the distance.

Scene 31 - Logain's Army#

Kerene is still in the cave when her wards start going off. She explains to Liandrin that it means Logain's army did not run home.

Scene 32 - Raining Arrows#

The Warder in camp are preparing for battle. They hear a sound and, looking up, see scores of arrows raining down on them. Alanna shields them from the arrows, holding them in place in the air.

Scene 33 - Unshielded#

Back in the cave, Liandrin says that there's no way that Logain's army can get by seven Aes Sedai. Logain breaks the shield around him, causing Liandrin and Kerene to go flying backwards through the air, knocking them unconscious. Stepin feels what has happened to Kerene and relays the information to the other Warder and Aes Sedai.

The King of Ghealdan is leading Logain's army. They charge forward. Alanna turns the arrows she controlled back onto the army, killing many of them. The Warder and Aes Sedai move back towards the cave. There is a battle among the trees, with the Warder protecting their Aes Sedai while they cast weaves against the army.

Scene 34 - A Raging Sun#

Logain melts down his cage. Moiraine walks into the cave and approaches him, stating that they just have a little time to talk. She asks him why she should believe that he's the Dragon Reborn. He says that he can hear the voices of his past lives when he channels and they're teaching him how to do better this time. She responds that the Wheel doesn't want anything, that it can't, anymore than a river or the rain can want. It's only people that want. She tells him that the voices in his head are actually his madness and that his power is nothing compared to what the power of the real Dragon Reborn will be.

This has given Kerene and Liandrin time to recover and Kerene throws Logain backwards. Kerene, Liandrin and Moiraine start to shield him again. Logain pierces the shield. Kerene sees this and creates a shield in front of Liandrin and Moiraine. Logain's three daggers of power strike out, hitting the two shields and stopping, but with the third one hitting and killing Kerene.

Stepin feels her dying. The battle is still raging on and Stepin barely recovers in time to protect himself from an attack. Alanna tells others to go to Logain while she and other Aes Sedai hold the army. Stepin, Lan and Nynaeve head towards the cave. Alanna lets loose with weaves that kill many members of the army, including the King of Ghealdan.

Liandrin and Moiraine are still trying to shield Logain when Stepin, Lan and Nynaeve enter the cave. Upon seeing Kerene's body, Stepin goes berzerk and attacks Logain with his axes. The axes penetrate the shield, giving Logain the chance to turn them into shrapnel and hurling them back at everyone. Everyone except Nynaeve is hurt or dying. Lan is bleeding badly from a neck injury. Nynaeve runs over and kneels by him. She yells "No!" and Heals everyone who was injured. The healing generates a blazing ball of light visible to everyone. Logain stops in his tracks and says "Like a raging sun." All of the Aes Sedai link with Liandrin who then gentles Logain.[12]

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] Because he's carrying the ruby dagger.
[2] Not knowing that Nynaeve is still alive.
[3] On the screen, her name is Else, but in IMDB she's listed as Helga.
[4] Foreshadowing an appearance of Birgitte?
[5] Not true, as we find out in Episode 108.
[6] Showing more about the Aes Sedai and Warder bond.
[7] There's more to that story than just that.
[8] Foreshadowing?
[9] Is this Tel'aran'rhiod?
[10] There is no blood on the ruby dagger.
[11] From the Compleat Old Tongue dictionary on this site, the partial translation might be "Release people bloods those who must pass nesodhin an'ara'rhoid e'fel loviyagee zavilat point", so you can see that they extended the Old Tongue in the show.
[12] The weave for gentling is in the shape of the Dragon's Fang. Thanks to Pevara Tazanovni for finding it.