KoD: A Different Skill

Elayne POV#

Elayne gets lost on the way to her apartments because some of the corridors are different.[1] Aviendha accompanies her. Birgitte goes to her own rooms; she sometimes tugs her braid almost like Nynaeve. One of the Guardswomen with her is Bannerwoman Devore Zarbayan. Doilin Mellar still commands the Guardswomen. Yurith Azeri and other ex- merchants' guards, Ned Yarman and Jaem give them lessons in the sword. The guards worry about assassins and followers of Elaida.

In her apartments Essande, Sephanie Pelden and Naris await. Naris goes for food while Essande and Sephanie help them change. Aviendha has plenty of dresses, gifts from Tylin. When her pregnancy bothers her, Elayne sometimes regrets not drinking heartleaf tea before lying with Rand. Aviendha toys with the dull dagger ter'angreal. She thinks it prevents the Shadow from seeing the possessor, not the Eyeless or the Shadowtwisted, maybe not even Leafblighter. Aviendha cannot make ter'angreal but Elayne realizes she has a different Talent, identifying ter'angreal.

They hurry to the sitting room where Elayne keeps the other ter'angreal from Ebou Dar, cups and bowls, statuettes and figurines, jewelry, all manner of things. Despite Min's viewing of her babies' safety, Elayne can no longer study them because of her poor grasp at the One Power. The ter'angreal are safe there as Reene Harfor has eliminated most of the dishonest servants. Aviendha examines other articles. The flexible black rod causes a controllable level of pain. The metal helmet controls some sort of machine. The ivory box holds music, hundreds of tunes. A flattish white bowl almost a pace across is for looking at things that are far away. A tall vase gathers water out of the air. A black-and-white figurine of a bird with long wings spread in flight is for talking to people a long way off. So is a blue figure of a woman as well as numerous rings, earrings and bracelets. A dull black rod is for cutting metal or stone. A glass figure of a man will chase away vermin. A root-like carving is for growing something like holes. It is activated by singing.[2] A two foot statue holds thousands and thousands of books. Aviendha channels Fire and Earth into the figure and the Old Tongue words Ansoen and Imsoen, Lies and Truth, Fiction and Not Fiction, appear above it.

Nadere and Dorindha enter. They have come for Aviendha. The clan is leaving at the orders of the Car'a'carn to Bael.[3] Aviendha hurriedly leaves to change clothes and pack. Naris arrives with food. Inspecting the meal, Nadere wants to know who is taking care of Elayne. Monaelle is Melaine's midwife. Essande offers that her niece Melfane is a midwife.

Elayne wants to choke Rand but all she knows of him is that he is somewhere far to the southeast.[4] Aviendha returns in Aiel garb with a packed bundle and gives the dull dagger back to Elayne. Elayne gives Aviendha the amber turtle angreal and the twisted ring. She still has the seated woman and the silver ring, another dream ter'angreal that requires channeling Spirit. It was recovered from Ispan. Aviendha, Dorindha and Nadere leave. Elayne goes to meet with the mercenaries.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] We see this in other places as well. More evidence of the thinning of reality.
[#2] A Talisman of Growing for the Ways?
[#3] Rand is sending them to Arad Doman to help restore order. (KoD,Ch18)
[#4] Tear

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