LoC: Red Wax

Eamon Valda POV#

Valda and his troops arrive at Amador after their journey from Tar Valon. His men camp outside the city and he rides in to the Fortress of the Light. He is angry that Niall recalled him to Amador rather than sending him to Tear to confront Rand. He thinks Niall is getting old and soft. He is greeted by Dain Bornhald who is drunk. Dain confirms that Morgase is in the Fortress of the Light. Valda thinks he would have had her signature on the treaty in a single day. He thinks Geofram Bornhald was too soft as well. A Questioner passes a message for him to visit the Dome of Truth, the headquarters of the Questioners . In the Dome of Truth he finds Rhadam Asunawa examining a portrait of the Amyrlin Serenia Latar. The Whitecloaks hanged her body 693 years ago even though she was already dead. Asunawa tells him that times are troubled and that they must not allow Niall to destroy the Children of the Light. Valda says he is prepared to listen.[1]

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Pedron Niall POV#

From his window, Niall watches Valda talk with Dain. Valda only thinks of attacking. In the anteroom, Balwer gives him a report and another message tube delivered by Omerna. Niall is angry because Omerna is supposed to deliver the message tubes to him directly. Back in his office, Niall opens the tube. It is from Varadin in Tanchico. He is hiding Asidim Faisar. This is most curious because Niall sent Faisar to Tanchico recently. He and Varadin should not know of each other.[2] He tells Balwer to summon a courier and prepares to write a letter to be carried to Tanchico. Niall responded to a "feeling" once before, at Jhamara, where he set some of his forces to guard "impassable" mountains. That saved him from defeat. He now has the same sort of feeling.

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Morgase POV#

Morgase is in a good mood despite complaints from Tallanvor, Lini and Breane. Basel Gill and Lamgwin stand guard outside. Paitr's uncle, Torwyn Barshaw, will get them out of Amador today. They will leave separately and wait at different inns, The Oak and Thorn and The Golden Head. Paitr is ecstatic because it will make up for a past failure.[3]

A Questioner, Einor Saren, arrives and summons Morgase to Pedron Niall. He takes her past the gallows where she sees Paitr Conel and Torwyn Barshaw hanged as Darkfriends. In Niall's office he has just finished writing a letter.[4] Discouraged, she agrees to sign his treaty. They both sign and he gives the treaty to Balwer for safekeeping. It will take her lifetime and Elayne's to undo the damage, but that is better than Elenia or Naean on the Lion Throne as Rand's puppet. Niall tells her he will not be able to move on Andor as soon as he thought.[5] She decides to make the best of his company and asks if he plays stones.

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Rhadam Asunawa POV#

Asunawa asks Einor Saren if Morgase was connected to the Darkfriends. He says Trom, who led the capture, did not think to ask. Asunawa has an elaborate trial planned for her before her hanging. He hopes she continues to resist Niall so he can extract a confession.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] They will soon take action. (ACoS,Prologue)
[#2] It is not clear how they actually did meet each other.
[#3] Failing to capture Rand and Mat in Market Sheran. (TEotW,Ch33)
[#4] This is the letter to be carried by courier to Tanchico.
[#5] Because of his hunch that Tarabon is now a threat.

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