LoC: Courage to Strengthen

Egwene POV#

After packing, Egwene writes a note to Gawyn then gives it to Cowinde to deliver to The Long Man. Amys, Bair and Sorilea arrive at her tent. She tells them she figured out Traveling in Tel'aran'rhiod on her own. Then she admits to visiting Tel'aran'rhiod on her own. Finally, she admits that she is only Accepted. She recalls Aviendha demonstrating how a lie is paid for.[1] She tells them she has toh and asks them the favor of helping her meet that toh.

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Mat POV#

Mat is playing Snakes and Foxes with Olver. They lose again. You cannot win if you follow the rules. Olver makes the sign of a wavy line through a triangle[2] and chants, "Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to dazzle, iron to bind."[3] This tickles Mat's memories.[4] Daerid enters and announces that Rand has arrived. There are several Aiel with Rand including Aviendha. Mat sends Olver to bed. Daerid, Talmanes and Nalesean stand by while Rand, Aviendha and Mat go into his tent. Mat hopes his foxhead medallion will protect him if Rand does anything crazy. The Band of the Red Hand is only a few days from entering Tear and joining Weiramon. Rand tells Mat that he wants him to bring Elayne to Caemlyn. Aviendha will accompany him. Aviendha indignantly says it was her idea. She needs to speak with Elayne. Rand will open a gateway to a clearing a couple of days from Salidar. The whole Band of the Red Hand is to go. Rand gives Mat a map. Rand tells Mat that there are Aes Sedai there who are rebels against Elaida. Mat worries that the Band will draw Sammael's attention north. Rand says it will just be an escort for a queen so he will not notice. Mat says he can be ready to go in two hours. Rand tells Mat about Verin, Alanna, Bodewhin and the other Two Rivers girls in Caemlyn. He also warns Mat that Egwene may be in Salidar before him. Mat promises to stay with Elayne until he sees her safely back in Caemlyn. Rand gives Mat a letter to Thom Merrilin then leaves.[5] Aviendha stays. Mat tells Olver, who is eavesdropping outside, to fetch Daerid, Talmanes and Nalesean. He studies the map until they arrive, then tells them that they are leaving immediately.

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Egwene POV#

In addition to Amys, Bair and Sorilea, other Wise Ones and apprentices join in whipping Egwene. They include Aeron and Surandha. Cosain and Estair join them but just for tea. When they finish, the Wise Ones tell her she no longer has toh to them. They all smile and hug her. Egwene thinks part of her heart will always be Aiel. Sorilea thinks that Taric, youngest greatson of her greatdaughter Amaryn, would make a good husband for Egwene. Bair says she and Amys will meet Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod to tell her of events in Cairhien. Bair offers to continue teaching Egwene, but Amys will not. Amys reminds her that she still has toh to Rhuarc who has gone north to scout the Shaido. Egwene ruefully adds Melaine and Aviendha to the list.[6] The Wise Ones all leave and Egwene continues packing.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] (TFoH,Ch5)
[#2] The same symbol that appears on the twisted red doorway.
[#3] The same rhyme that Birgitte tells Perrin in TSR,Ch28 for dealing with the Aelfinn and Eelfinn.
[#4] Is this from one of Mat's acquired memories or from the Aelfinn's questions when he went through the twisted red doorway? (TSR,Ch15)
[#5] Moiraine's letter. (TFoH,Ch52) Mat passes it to Thom in LoC,Ch40 but we do not learn the content of the letter until KoD,Ch10.
[#6] Melaine will not take it out on her. (LoC,Ch52) If she ever brings it up with Aviendha it is not mentioned.

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