LoC: A Sense of Humor

Rand POV#

Rand and the Maidens step through the gateway to a plain near a large tent. They are in the Plains of Maredo near the border of Tear. This is where Rand has his army of Tairens, Cairhienin and Aiel. The guards around the tent are Thunder Walkers led by Roidan. Roidan is a siswai'aman. Rand asks Roidan where Weiramon is and Roidan points to a large pavilion. He also says that none of the clan chiefs has been asked inside the tent for three days. Rand sends him to tell the clan chiefs that he has arrived. Enaila exchanges jokes with Leiran, another of the guards. Rand and the Aiel cannot understand each other's sense of humor at all.

Rand crosses the camp and goes to the pavilion which is guarded by Defenders of the Stone. He enters with Sulin, Liah, Enaila and Jalani. There are a dozen Tairen nobles and half as many Cairhienin. The four High Lords are Weiramon, Sunamon, Tolmeran and Torean. Rand notices that he has not heard Lews Therin since he shouted at him.[1] Another lord, Estevan, orders Lodanaille wine punch for Rand. Rand asks where the other lords are and Weiramon uncomfortably tells Rand that the High Lords Hearne, Simaan, Darlin, Tedosian, and Estanda have rebelled and gone to Haddon Mirk.

The Cairhienin lords including Semaradrid and Meneril look satisfied at his discomfort. Rand is more interested in the status of Sammael's defenses. The Aiel clan chiefs Bruan, Jheran, Dhearic, Han, and Erim arrive. Bruan acts as their leader. They all examine a large map. The Plains of Maredo extend into Illian to where the Doirlon Hills begin. They are east of the Manetherendrelle River and the Shal River. They then discuss Sammael's defenses in Illian. Weiramon and the Aiel both report that there are still five camps. Rand knows this is correct because he has visited them in Tel'aran'rhiod. Weiramon wants to attack now, but Rand orders him to wait here until Mat arrives to take command. Rand then leaves heading back to his Traveling tent with the Maidens and clan chiefs. Jheran also wants to attack saying that there are already two hundred thousand Aiel there. He mentions Weiramon's and Semaradrid's full names, Weiramon Saniago and Semaradrid Maravin. Rand makes them swear to wait until Mat arrives.

Rand and the clan chiefs settle down inside Rand's tent and talk for a while. After the men leave, Somara and Enaila offer him advice on Aviendha. Rand and the Maidens return to Caemlyn late that night. Aviendha is on her pallet but she is still awake and bids him good night. Rand thinks that his real plans for Sammael are a huge joke that only he, Mat and Bashere know.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rand continues to learn more about his interaction with Lews Therin.
[#2] This secret plan is finally revealed and executed in ACoS,Ch41.

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