NS: It Finishes

Moiraine POV#

Moiraine has performed ninety-nine of the weaves. She is in serious pain from bites, stings, cuts and beatings. She has faced biting creatures, stinging insects, crazed mobs and Whitecloaks. At the last star, her father[1] appears summoning her to help her dying mother. Instead, she completes the weave and walks to the final star. She finds herself back in the chamber of the oval ring. Memory of every torment suddenly returns. Merean welcomes her back then leaves. Elaida accompanies Merean but the others remain. Anaiya Heals her. Verin hands her back her clothes.[2] Moiraine comments that the last star was cruel and asks who was responsible.[3] Anaiya says it is not proper to speak of it, but Yuan of the Yellow Ajah glances at the door so she knows it was Elaida. Elaida really did want her to fail.[4] Anaiya and Verin escort her back to the Accepted gallery where she finds Siuan's room empty. Myrelle and Sheriam tell her that Merean came for Siuan a little while ago. Moiraine waits in her room for hours. Siuan finally returns, passed as well. She tells Moiraine that she got six mice from one of the grooms. They plan to put them in Elaida's bed that night.[5]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] His name is Dalresin Damodred. (personal communication)
[#2] Verin certainly seems to be around Moiraine a lot. Is there more going on?
[#3] So, unlike the Accepted test, the Aes Sedai present control some or all of what occurs in the oval ring.
[#4] Again, Elaida's true intent is anything but clear.
[#5] Unfortunately, they will be caught and switched. (NS,Ch17)

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