NS: An Arrival

Moiraine POV#

Moiraine has been on the road for three months.[1] Her skin still feels too tight from the Three Oaths. The latest news for Cairhien has four Houses vying for the Sun Throne. She wears her kesiera and one of Tamore's riding dresses. She has been traveling incognito as Alys, a minor Cairhienin noble. She is in Canluum interviewing Jurine Najima with her daughters Colar and Eselle. Her husband Josef, baby Jerid and other sons were killed in mysterious fire. Josef was always lucky.[2] He went to fight the Aiel at Lady Kareil's request. Moiraine has lost interest, though, because Jerid was born in the wrong place to be the Dragon Reborn.

She has scratched off many names in her book, but hundreds remain.[3] Moiraine returns to her inn, The Gates of Heaven. Five sisters including one Red are staying at same inn. One is Felaana Bevaine of the Brown Ajah. The innkeeper is Master Helvin. They think she is a wilder. This is bolstered by a merchant at the inn, Mistress Asher, who really is a wilder. The sisters have been coercing her but she has refused. Moiraine finds that two new sisters have arrived, Larelle Tarsi, a Gray, who taught her classes and Merean. Moiraine fears that they will reveal her identity, but instead they cover for her. At twenty-two, she is too old to enroll as a novice.

Cadsuane Melaidhrin appears; Moiraine met her once two years ago. She briefly came out of retirement at the beginning of the Aiel War. Tales of Cadsuane: she kidnapped a Tarabon king who could channel, kidnapped the King of Arad Doman and Queen of Saldaea to stop a war, assaulted an Amyrlin. Cadsuane shepherds the three of them to a private room. She questions Moiraine about being incognito then asks Larelle and Merean about her. They embarrass Moiraine, even revealing that she and Siuan were caught with the mice for Elaida's bed and switched. Moiraine says she is going to Chachin, then regrets her words. Her next targets are Avene Sahera in a village on the way and Lady Ines Demain in Chachin. Cadsuane brings up age, shocking the others. She says Meilyn is older, and when they are gone, Kerene Nagashi will be strongest. There is a sharp drop to the next five, one retired, including Moiraine and Siuan when they reach full strength.[4] She is the strongest in the last thousand years. Meilyn and Kerene are the strongest in the last six hundred. Cadsuane orders Moiraine to go with Merean and Larelle to Chachin to help keep her from doing anything dumb. Both sisters object as strongly as Moiraine. They only met the day before and both want to stay in Canluum two or three days longer. Moiraine has been Aes Sedai four months.[5] Cadsuane says she is already taking more risks than she knows.[6] Cadsuane will be checking on her during the night. Moiraine wonders about Cadsuane bringing up Meilyn Arganya and Kerene Nagashi, two of Tamra's searchers.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Setting the approximate timing for the second half of the book.
[#2] Another case of a lucky man meeting an untimely death, courtesy of the Black Ajah. (NS,Epilogue)
[#3] In New Spring the novella there was a reference to some of the names in her book: Saera Deosin, m Eadwin, Kari al'Thor m Tamlin Second Captain of the Illianer Companions. (New Spring) It is omitted in the novel.
[#4] Two of them are Lelaine Akashi, a current Sitter, and Romanda Cassin, retired. The fifth is Elaida.
[#5] In New Spring the novella she has worn the shawl for five months. (New Spring) Evidently Jordan rethought the timing.
[#6] What does Cadsuane know?

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