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Moiraine POV#

As the shatayan[1] escorts Moiraine, she sees Ryne and Bukama fight using practice swords; Ryne wins easily. Moiraine has an audience with Prince Brys and other nobles. She believes that there are so many sisters around because of the rumors of a man who can channel and to tie up loose ends from the Aiel War.[2] His oldest son Antol is with Ethenielle in the south; daughter Jarene and son Diryk are there with the rest of their children. To her chagrin, Moiraine learns that Lan really would have been king of Malkier.

Claiming fatigue, Moiraine asks leave and a maid Elis takes her to her rooms. They round a corner and run into Merean with the shatayan. She lets out that Moiraine is Aes Sedai and says that Larelle decided to go south.[3] Moiraine thinks Cadsuane is Black Ajah and she wonders about Merean and Larelle. She decides to go see Lan after all. Two serving women and an errand boy are in his rooms. Lan is practicing the sword. She asks for his help. Lan hates Aes Sedai because they did not help Malkier. In return for his help, Moiraine explains that a hundred sisters were sent, but they arrived too late. She asks Lan to have Bukama follow Merean Redhill and he agrees. Back in her apartments she finds that word she is Aes Sedai has spread. Lady Iselle is there with Siuan. She wears a blue ki'sain. She wants to go to the White Tower to be Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She would not mind Lan as her carneira, but she does not want to marry yet. She was tested years ago when she was twelve. After she leaves, Siuan reports that she learned nothing from Cal except that he can kiss. She reminds Moiraine of kissing Cormanes the night she left for the White Tower. Moiraine tells Siuan to do anything she can to reach Lady Ines Demain. Late that night Siuan returns. Bukama reported to her that Merean spent the whole day with Lord Brys. Cal told her that Rahien was born the day after the Aiel began their retreat, the day after Gitara's Foretelling. They do not understand why Merean, either one of Tamra's searchers or Black Ajah, spent time with Brys instead of Ines.[4] What they do not know could kill the Dragon Reborn.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Mistress Romera (NS,Ch22)
[#2] In fact, there was an effort on the part of the Gray Ajah to continue the Grand Coalition as an organization of nations. (ACoS,Ch19)
[#3] Did she really leave or did Merean kill her or is she Black Ajah, too?
[#4] All is made clear in NS,Epilogue.

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