NS: The Itch

Moiraine POV#

The next morning while Moiraine and Siuan are copying, Tamra walks in just as Moiraine hides her book.[1] She gives Moiraine a note for Kerene Nagashi. The Green Ajah quarters have swords painted on the doors. There are lots of Warder around. Rina Hafden watches as Waylin and Elyas practice swords. In another room, Jala Bandevin teaches a new Warder to dance. Kerene is in her rooms with her Warder, Karile and Stepin. After reading the note, she heads immediately to the Amyrlin's quarters muttering that the note did not say why.

As Moiraine returns, she runs into Siuan. She delivered a similar note to Aisha Raveneos of the Gray Ajah. Moiraine figures out that Tamra is choosing them as searchers for the Dragon Reborn. Ellid gave Siuan a blacksmith's puzzle last week. The next day Tamra sends messages to Meilyn Arganya, Valera Gorovni of the Brown Ajah and Ludice Daneen of the Yellow Ajah. All five have a reputation of strict adherence to the law. Aeldra Najaf is raised to Keeper of the Chronicles to replace Gitara. Verin gives Moiraine an herb concoction to help her sleep at night.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Does Tamra suspect what Moiraine and Siuan are up to? If so, she apparently did not reveal it to the Black Ajah. (NS,Ch26)

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