NS: When to Surrender

Lan POV#

Lan searches the palace for Bukama. Anya, Esne and Bulen are now loyal to Edeyn. She will give his daori to Iselle and force them to marry. He feels trapped to the point he has no choice but to run, but he must convince Bukama. Moving quietly as he can, he spots Merean talking to Iselle. Iselle leaves and Merean follows her. Lan goes on his way, but as he reaches a flight of stairs his feet are pulled from under him and he tumbles down, very lucky to be okay.[1] It must have been the One Power meaning an Aes Sedai tried to kill him.[2] A servant runs up and tells him that Bukama was stabbed. By the time Lan arrives he is dead. Lan goes to find Moiraine.

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Moiraine POV#

Lan enters her room and tells her that Bukama is dead. He thinks she did it. He tells her Iselle was with Merean. Moiraine is now certain that Merean is Black Ajah and figures they are all in danger. Lan tells her he just saw Iselle hurrying somewhere with Brys and Diryk. They hurry to the secluded balcony where Brys goes for privacy. Merean is old; she was Aes Sedai a hundred years before Moiraine's great grandmother was born.

At the balcony they find Brys, Diryk and Iselle with Merean and Ryne. Merean got Iselle to bring Diryk to her, but she brought Brys, too. Merean has Brys and Diryk bound with Air, intending to kill them. Ryne is with Merean. He is a Darkfriend and he killed Bukama. Merean is too strong for Moiraine to shield. She orders Ryne to kill Lan and make certain of it this time.[3] Merean wants to know what Moiraine is doing there.[4] Ryne and Lan fight. Merean and Moiraine fight. Moiraine severs Merean's attack with Air and Fire. Merean drops Diryk off the balcony. As Moiraine dives for Diryk, Merean knocks her out, then drops Brys off the balcony. Moiraine comes to, but is too groggy to hold saidar. In desperation she stabs Merean in the back. Iselle starts to fall. Moiraine grabs her hand, but cannot hold on. Lan kills Ryne. Moiraine Heals Lan with Spirit, Air and Water, then disposes of Merean's and Ryne's bodies.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Evidently Merean saw him and tried to kill him. Once again Lan demonstrates extreme luck.
[#2] The implication is that Merean was holding saidar and thus could hear Lan quiet as he was.
[#3] Indicating that Ryne was probably behind the attack on Lan in Canluum. (NS,Ch16)
[#4] This implies that the Black Ajah did not get Moiraine's and Siuan's names from Tamra.

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