NS: It Begins

Moiraine POV#

Moiraine hugs Siuan then Merean leads her deep into the lowest level of the White Tower. In a domed chamber behind huge doors, there is an oval ring, the ter'angreal of the test. There is one Aes Sedai from each Ajah present, Elaida for the Red and Anaiya for the Blue.[1] Merean instructs her to look for a six-pointed star to mark the place of each of the hundred weaves. Anaiya channels at the back of her head.[2] Moiraine strips then enters the oval ring. A hundred times she locates the six-pointed star and performs the correct weave. At each step she knows that she must remain serene and not make a mistake, but she does not remember how she got here or why.[2] In the world of the test things seem to change at random.[3] Some of the required weaves are as intricate as the finest Mardina lace. At each stage something happens to distract, attack, annoy or embarrass her and she must deal with them while completing the weave. She faces ruffians, thorn vines, spiders and Trollocs. The test continues.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] There are also Verin for the Brown and Yuan for the Yellow. (NS,Ch10) The Green, Gray and White sisters are not identified.
[#2] Does this somehow affect her memory and knowledge of what to do?
[#3] In many ways it seems similar to Tel'aran'rhiod.

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