TDR: The Amyrlin Seat

Siuan Sanche POV#

Siuan is in her study waiting for Verin. She has been Amyrlin for nearly ten years. Leane enters and bows, announcing Verin. She is always formal, even though they were novices together. Siuan excuses Leane, which is unusual. Verin tells Siuan that Rand has declared himself as Dragon Reborn. Siuan tells her that both false Dragons are taken. Taim was captured in Saldaea and the one in Haddon Mirk was captured and executed. Both happened at the same time Rand declared. Siuan thinks Rand is safe in Moiraine's hands.[1] Verin gives her the Horn of Valere. Siuan says the Horn was to be left with Rand, but Verin tells her that Mat actually sounded it. Siuan says she will hide it where only the two of them know.[2] Verin tells Siuan she thinks the Seanchan will return and confirms that they use the One Power in battle. Verin asks what Siuan plans for the girls and Siuan tells her they will wish they were fishbait before she is done. She tells Verin to tell her everything about the girls.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Not knowing that Rand is on his own and headed to Tear.
[#2] And that is the last we hear of the Horn of Valere.

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